How To Avoid Regaining Your Lost Weight?


How To Avoid Regaining Your Lost Weight?

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You diet and exercise hard and end up losing weight. That is indeed good news! But after a while do you tend to regain the weight lost? All your hard work got entirely wasted? Pretty saddening! I have heard of many people who work hard to shed those extra kilos but end up regaining them. Today’s post discusses this issue. Perhaps we can come up with a solution!!

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How does regaining weight affect you?

The vicious cycle of losing-gaining weight hits the body’s metabolism and health badly. Psychologically it messes up your self esteem.

Why is it easy to regain lost weight?

This question seems to be running in most minds. Generally the people who lose weight (95% of them) tend to put on weight again. How does this happen? After losing weight satisfactorily by diets and sweating it out at the gym, people start taking things for granted. They switch over to their old unhealthy lifestyle that includes the following activities:

  • Increasing portion size
  • Not being calorie conscious
  • Not working out regularly
  • Becoming a couch potato and digging deep into packets of processed junk

Sounds familiar? Is this what you do when you manage to lose weight? Let me tell you that this sort of ‘celebration’ after successfully losing weight is the reason why you are back to square one.

There are several other reasons that are the culprits of your weight regain:


According to a study it has been found that hunger hormones might be related to increased appetite in people post weight loss. The levels of leptin(a hunger hormone that helps you feel satiated), and ghrelin (a hormone that increases hunger), were studied in 50 people who had lost weight. It was found that hormone levels tend to stay in “diet- mode” even after the dieting phase is over. The research suggests this as a possible reason for dieters to regain weight often.

Low Calorie Diets

People who have followed a very low calorie diet tend to regain their lost weight easily in comparison with other dieters as unknowingly there portion sizes begin to increase and that makes the whole lot of difference.

Lack Of Support

Your family and friends might have decreased their support once your weight loss phase got over. They may not be showering you with the extra care that they used to do when you were on diet and that might be depressing for the dieters leading them to overeat at times.

How To Avoid Regaining Your Lost Weight?

Now the good news, you can prevent weight regain with a few lifestyle changes. The following should be kept in mind:

Keep Moving

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Physical activity is essential to maintain lost weight. If you have a sedentary lifestyle like most people have nowadays, you can make essential but simple tweaks in your daily routine like :

  1. Taking the stairs instead of the lift
  2. Exercise regularly like doing 20-35 minutes of exercise every day.

Reduce Indulging

Don’t indulge too much in sweets (you would say you know that! ) but you need not eliminate completely from your diet.

  1. Instead of a full chocolate bar have a single piece of it (dark chocolate would be more satisfying).
  2. Read labels and opt for healthier snacks.

Eat Healthy

Eat more nutritious food like fruits and vegetables. Such foods can prevent your lost weight from bouncing back.

Use the scales

Weigh yourself at least once a week to find out whether you are on the right track or not.

 Remember confidence in yourself is the key to success, so stay confident and take care!!

Have any more tips to avoid regaining your lost weight?

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