How to be fit when you are busy?


How to be fit when you are busy?

Working round the clock? No time or energy for work out? But hell we need to lose the weight as well… That’s a sticky situation now isn’t it?!

I agree that we all go through this time where we just can’t help it; we cannot exercise or even keep a track of what we are eating…  With this kind of lifestyle you do need to modify your choices a bit, it’s understandable you not having the time; why not create some?

How to be fit when you are busy?


I will give you a few pointers to keep you going even when you feel you have no time; but these are just for the time being remedies; there is no escaping your work outs! No Pain No Gain! Heard that Right?!

1) Start the day :

women-drink-herbal-tea-for weight loss

Start your day with green tea. NO SUGAR. Sip on it, plan your day ahead. I don’t mean the “OMG I have so much work to do” rant, I mean thinking of what is it that you feel about the day in front of you, how would you utilize it differently, what difference would this day make… Be at peace. This would make you calm, feel positive. Now what’s with the green tea then you ask? It just wakes your metabolism which has been sleeping peacefully at night. It flushes out all the toxins and caffeine in it jerks your system up.

2) Pre Breakfast:

The Best Midnight Snacks For Your Cravings fruits

Having a wholesome breakfast is very important as a jerked up metabolism is going to leave you hungry, you need to feed your body something tasty and healthy. Have a fruit. The whole fruit, not the pieces; the more you cut your fruits the more they are exposed to air ruining their nutritional properties, if you don’t feel like having a fruit have some nuts. Walnuts, Almonds, Cashews (a few) are good energy suppliers. Now Pre breakfast is something that is enjoyed only by the early risers. The “My” category, Late risers, stick to breakfast only.

3) Speaking Of Breakfast:

Oats For Weight Loss Management And Well Being

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. No skipping that if you want to lose weight. Have something that you generally crave. This combats the feeling of deprivation that catches hold of you mid afternoons. Oats is your safest bet. It being a versatile element can be made as a sweet treat or spicy upma.  Sometime just stuff my face with a paratha (just 1 paratha, and made as healthy as possible) or bread slices with omlette or cheese ( I love cheese and would never ditch it for anything! Have it in moderation and cow milk version, it doesn’t kill you! :p )

4) Prep Your Meals:

eggs nutritious weight reduce

This is a very foreign concept in our Bharat Mata Land. We love fresh food, scrunch our noses at anything which is stale for more than 24 hours, even though it’s been resting in a fridge. So, when I say prep your meal I mean make something you can have on the go during lunch time. Don’t be hungry, it affects your metabolism making it sluggish and increases your craving. Have boiled eggs or protein bars or oats. Just make it a night before and stick it in the fridge, be sure to carry it with you to work though.

Prepping meals beforehand ensures you have something with you to eat when your body needs food. We are all very busy, agreed but boiling egg wouldn’t take you more than 10 mins!

5) Wrapping the day:

You have slogged and fought the day through, all you want is that Baskin Robins tub of ice cream and a nice movie… Bliss! But have you thought that these empty calories are doing you no good? Your body is low on energy it craves sugar; I get it, but why ice cream? Go for fruits or chikki. And if you need to move your mouth while watching a movie like I do, get a chewing gum. Being tired doesn’t mean you toss your hard work (the eating right) which you have done throughout the day go waste.

6) Tit – bits:

  • Have green tea at least 2 times a day.
  • No time for exercise, walk the distance than take an auto for short distance.
  • Stay away from sweets.
  • Choose brown over white.
  • Don’t cheat; you are fooling no one but yourself.
  • Don’t fret over food, it’s not rocket science.
  • Include salads in your diet.

We are but humans, we cannot be dieting and exercising all the time, there are bound to be some hurdles in the path, take it in your stride and continue your journey. After all its your body, it needs to be treated right.

This is Pooja, who is lately very busy and doing all of the above to combat my new busy schedule. : )

Hope everyone as busy finds this helpful. Ciao

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