How to beat stress without stressing over it?


How to beat stress without stressing over it

 We proudly boast of gym memberships, but the moment we come out of a workout session, we binge. Worst still, some of us have memberships and rarely make an entree – cameo appearances do not work.

Now how many of you wake up each morning and feel “O hell, another day and I feel so drained already”……… let me be honest, I do! But, thanks to my grandma – who isn’t with us anymore- I have learnt how not to let that draining feel take over the lovely day ahead.

How to beat stress without stressing over it
How to beat stress without stressing over it, tips and tricks

Running and jogging keep you fit, but if you say that you really do not have the time to do the same – I have a plan for you; shun the elevator. In this day and age, and thanks to the advancement of technology, we’ve turned into couch potatoes and sloths, to say the least; where’s the whole mantra of staying fit?

It’s MONDAY folksies

The Monday blues hardly affect me these days, and here is why;

keep calm climb stairs

  •  I climb the stairs as much as I can and wherever possible – my lifestyle needs a hard look at times; and changes are what I need to make now and then for my daily regime. Climbing the stairs (i live on the 2nd floor of a four floor apartment association), makes me refill the energy chambers within. Give it a shot – I walk the stairs from the terrace to the parking lot, 5 times. Believe me the descend is easy and the climbing is NOT – but worthy every sweat drop!
  • Tiredness is what we all face, but the more we complain about it, the more it gets to us. So here is a plan – let’s sit and think how we can make adjustments to the routines of our daily lives – bring in more energy. In the past, I would sit and decide my daily tasks the previous night – work on them one after the next, and finish them off sans a small break in between. DO NOT DO THIS- I sacrificed time for leisure and exercises – and complained there is too much to do and so less time!
  • Stop obsessing about getting things done the right way – perfection is a myth. There are certain things which you and I cannot change or alter – focus on what can be done and move on. Delegate tasks to those whom you know can be trusted, and take short breaks now and then – a simple walk around the aisle or at home, pat your pet and watch how you feel at ease. Don’t forget to deep breathe for five minutes every hour – close your eyes, visualise and meditate, let the mind go where you always want to be.
  • Be realistic when planning tasks for the day and include at least half an hour of exercises; freehand would do. Surround yourself with people who laugh and are cheerful; the day goes better, read a book if alone or simply watch a nice movie, if you have time in the afternoon.

 Food habits

fat free ice cream not healthy

Regular meals are a must, but snacking on foods that are termed ‘junk’ should be brought down to a minimum. Rice puffs and roasted gram or peanuts are good snacking options. Fresh fruits, pulses, salads, sprouts and even atta cookies are nice to have, so are poha and upma too. Lean meats are better than fats, fish is awesome and so is skimmed milk and yoghurt dip. Nimbu pani is the best for weight loss and to cut toxins.

I hope now you know why I have a bank of energy within? Please let me know if there are some of your own ‘tried and tested ways to beat stress and tiredness’; we would love to hear from you!

Have a happy Monday folksies, love to all!

Now you know how to beat stress without stressing over it?