How to Break Weight Loss Plateau?


How to Break Weight Loss Plateau

You have been doing everything right. The workout, the diet, the motivation, the determination; all’s in place but your weight just won’t budge! Sounds familiar? Then dude you just got ditched by your own weight! Your body has been designed to survive, it stores fat in order to survive (hence the weight you put on when you worry so much!) With all the weight that you are losing the body feels it’s in danger and will try to protect itself as a natural instinct. Give it some time and it will bounce back to normal. Here are some plateau busters which may come handy as you journey your weight loss path:

How to Break Weight Loss Plateau

How to Break Weight Loss Plateaus

Change your exercise

How To Use Treadmill Effectively2 You are doing the same form of workout for ages now; you like it but with our adapting superiority the body gets used to the work out. So basically you think you are sweating it out but your body won’t respond to it as earlier it would. I had always been the walker on the treadmill but my personal trainer made me run, I remember how at first I was panting even at 7 kmph, this was without the incline 😮 and as days passed I could run very efficiently, even at 10 kmph. This is what I mean when I say your body adapts. You need to push it, push that desire away to limit yourself, there is always that extra something you could do with your work out.

Change your diet

If you are on a 1200 calories per day diet like most of the people trying to lose weight, chances are your body will make do with whatever you are feeding it. Earlier you were having, say 2000 calories, the body was working properly, doing its job, then you wanted to lose weight and brought down your calories from 2000 to 1200, your body was in for a shock, there was a deficit in the diet and hence you lost the weight. But now your body has learnt to manage itself in 1200 calories! Now you can’t go below 1200 calories per day as it’s very unhealthy but what you can do is change your diet a bit. Eat more whole grains than normal grains; eat more proteins than what you normally do, just tweak things here and there and you are good to go.


Have an occasional cheat meal. This is what I use to do. I never had any specific diet I would follow to lose weight I ate everything from a healthy sandwich to a hearty biriyani! See the thing is you need to confuse your metabolism. You are eating the same kind of food every day so your metabolism works as per that requirement, but when you give it something unplanned for, it gets a jerk and restarts; when you go back to your original diet it again processes it like it would on day 1 of your diet. Trick: Keep your metabolism on its toes! Indulge in small tasty moments!

Take a break

Just take a break from your workout; isn’t that such a good news now? Take a few days off. Take  week or two. Just let your body slip into that mode where you earlier were, a lazy person with no intention of any workout, let it assume that all the pain has passed and now it can finally rest. When you resume your workout again the body is bound lose weight as it is active again oppose to the “vacation” it was planning.


Hormones and weight loss scale Hormones play an important role when it comes to functioning of our body. If you are doing everything in your power and still don’t lose weight please consult your physician and get the necessary tests done. An imbalance of hormones needs to be treated and your body wouldn’t treat it by itself, don’t assume that you will lose weight and your problems will go away. Balance of hormones is very important to get you to your right weight In the first place, if not treated on time they may stall your weight loss leaving you more lost. These were my top 5 tried and tested tips to get your body to lose weight again after plateau. And for all those who haven’t hit any plateaus yet follow them too, you won’t see the sight of any weight loss plateau :p This is Pooja… Signing off… adios!

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