How To Calculate Ideal Body Weight Using BMI


Ideally, only weight cannot determine how fit and healthy you are. There are many more parameters, of which BMI, Body Mass Index, is one of them. It is advisable to have BMI in normal range so as to avoid any diseases or future discomforts.

What is BMI ?

According to Wikipedia, “Body Mass Index is a measure for human body shape based on an individual’s mass and height.

How To Calculate Ideal Body Weight Using BMI

How to calculate BMI ?

Simple formula to derive BMI is –

How To Calculate BMI

How To Calculate Ideal Body Weight Using BMI

Healthy BMI : 19 to 22.9 kg/m2

Overweight : 23 to 25 kg/m

Obese : 25 and above

For quick reference you ideal weight according to height should be as shown in chart below:

How To achieve Ideal Body Weight Using BMI

How To Achieve a Healthy BMI

To achieve healthy BMI you need to balance your weight with diet and exercise.

 BMI< Calculated Value: If your BMI is less than the value calculated above then you lie in Underweight Category. Lack of nutrition and an inactive lifestyle are primary causes of being underweight.
Healthy and balanced diet is the key solution here. Do not skip meals, opt for 3 to 5 meals, take adequate rest and consult a nutritionist to avoid mineral and vitamin deficiencies.

Warning: To gain weight DO NOT opt for unhealthy junk food; gain healthy weight.

BM = Calculated Value: Congratulations! You are on right track. To continue staying in good health be consistent with physical activity. Make sure the amount of calories you intake are equal to those you burn. So, exercise at least three times a week and balance your diet accordingly. Trust me maintaining your ideal weight is tougher than losing weight, so do not lose focus.

BMI > Calculated Value:  If your BMI is more than the calculated Value then you lie in Overweight or Obese Category.  You are on a heavier side which is bad for you. Excess weight puts you at increased risk of heart diseases, stroke and type-2 diabetes.
It is time to take action; get an appointment with nutritionist at the earliest. Start by walking or running on your own or consult a fitness professional at the gym and maintain a food diary to be careful of what and how much you eat.  Strike a balance between calories consumed and calories burnt. BMI is just a pointer towards your unhealthy lifestyle which you need to change at the earliest.

Once you done with calculation of your BMI and are aware what needs to be done to obtain a healthy BMI, it will help you a lot in future.. If you do not pay attention to it or are them take it easily it will pose problem for you in future so go ahead and WORK FOR YOUR BODY.

Since you know – How To Calculate Ideal Body Weight Using BMI, will you work on your BMI 🙂 ?

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    • Hey the range mentioned in height weight chart is really a wide range. Also BMI ranges are different on net. So in case you are getting something like this, I would suggest you to get your BMI down to 23 atleast to as to fall in healthy category.

    • Maitri, our weight is not the only criteria to look fat or slim. If you are broad, you will look heavier as compared to a person with narrow bone structure even if you both weight the same. If your weight is ideal as per your height n you look on the heavier side, there can be a possibility that your muscle mass is less that fat. Get your body composition analysis done in that case. hope that helps 🙂

      • Thanks Tarun!!!! Ya I understand it somewhat & read abt it in a book by Rujuta. My bones r not broad bt I guess I’ve more fat as compared to lean body mass


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