How To Change Life In Forty Days


 How To Change Life In Forty Days40 days

How I changed my life in forty days

People especially women ask me so many times how I lost weight and my answer to all of them is just one .. I changed the way I lived and that too in forty days. Now, you will wonder why forty days? My answer is that they say it takes forty days to form a new habit and that is why I tried it and changed my life in forty days. I had read somewhere and my mother always told me that it takes 40 days to change or break a habit. I think that is the reason new mothers are told to stay with the baby all the time for forty days so that they two get used to each other and create a visible bond. She also told me that it takes 90 days to confirm a new habit, 120 days to be natural with the new habit and make it a way of life, and 1000 days to master that new habit. In brief if I explain this I would say that our brain accept new information only after it is repeated for 40 days without any miss. The question is how to do that? Here is what you can do, the way I did. 

Plan carefully to change your life

Lifestyle changes weight lossYes, this is a fact that if you plan carefully you can lose weight by changing the way you live and that is what is called a lifestyle change. It is a tough job, yes, tough but not impossible. So for all those who want to lose weight here is a guide to getting started on a weight loss journey, the way I did some time back.

Question yourself

Be honest while answering a few questions which can help you plan your changes carefully.

  • Do I eat something that is not good for me?

  • Do I eat huge portions of everything I eat, healthy or unhealthy whatsoever?

  • Do I drink enough water throughout the day?

  • Do I eat enough vegetables?

If answers to the first two questions is a yes and the other two a no, then it is time for you to make some minor yet serious changes in your daily life.

So you know you need to get started now

keep it

  • Set small, practical goals which you know that you can achieve. No, goals not in terms of losing kilos but goals of eating healthy and moving around.

  • Make a diet plan keeping in mind that you need to stop eating unhealthy food and replace them with the healthier ones.

  • Put up your eating plan somewhere you can always see repeatedly. I put mine on the fridge.

  • Plan which vegetables and fruits you like to eat and then cook them easy. Take help of google or IWB to pick up easy recipes.

  • Prepare such recipes which can be stored in refrigerator so that you have something healthy to fall back upon when you are real hungry.

  • Do everything and anything that can stop you from ordering unhealthy food from outside.

  • If you succeed in doing everything that you wished to do for forty days then you bet you can continue with your minor lifestyle changes.

  • After achieving each small goal do not forget to reward yourself. But remember never ever reward yourself with something that is your weakness and you were addicted to.

  • If you faltered during those forty days challenge, do not be depressed but look forward to what you can do that point onwards.

  • If you think you are not motivated enough to buy healthy food, then do what I do. Go to the local vegetable market in the evening (better if you go walking) and take a look at those gorgeous green vegetables and inviting fruits around. I always land up buying loads of real fresh veggies and fruits, and once you have them peeping out of your refrigerator, you will feel like cooking them up.

    Frozen vegetables- frozen food bad for health

  • If you don’t feel like going to local market then go out to the nearest grocery store once a week and buy frozen vegetables. I love frozen mixed vegetables as I can add them in soups or make sautéed mixed vegetables with soup.

  • During these forty days try to pitch in walks as much as you can. Stretch early in the morning, walk brisk, do aerobics (I love leslie Sansone’s Walk At Home Program) and drink a glass of water every one hour.

  • Do not eat in front of the computer or standing in the kitchen while cooking.

  • Eat a good breakfast and a healthy lunch at the right time. If you skip these two important meals, then it will surely catch up with you with that afternoon and evening hunger pangs leading to overeating in the late evenings. Now that is what is suicidal for your weight loss journey.

  • If you are literally dying for something sweet believe me treating yourself to few slices of a mango will hundred times be better that a chocolate bar or cupcake.

  • Snacking on fresh fruit or unsalted nuts is better but only at stipulated snack time. Continually eating and munching is called grazing and only animals do that.

  • Downloading an app like MyFitnessPal is a good idea to keep you on track.

  • Always eat something healthy before you leave house especially the students as you will otherwise end up eating unhealthy junk food with friends in canteen.

  • Do not forget to read labels and choose food items according to your WOE (way of eating)

Seek help if you must

Most people find it quite difficult to make long-term lifestyle changes and if you are one of them then you must join IWB Weight Loss Program. We have helped so many people adopt a healthy lifestyle and lose weight that way.

Are you ready to change your life in forty days?

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