How To Choose A Personal Trainer?


How To Choose A Personal Trainer?

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I know the title would have left you wondering why at all you would require a personal trainer!! After all personal trainers are for celebrities, right? Wrong! Personal trainers are not meant only for the famous celebs or the rich people of the society. You too can have the need of a personal trainer especially if you unable to work out on your own or are unable to create your own program. Hiring a trainer may actually benefit you! Read on to find out how to choose a personal trainer!

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Hiring a trainer can either help you reach your fitness goals or can be a big time waste of money if you choose the wrong one! Here is guide that may help you in making the right choice.

Where to find one?

You can find a trainer through your gym or fitness centre. Gyms do offer personal training packages for an additional fee. Another way to find a good trainer is through word-of-mouth.

If a friend of yours has already used the services of trainer you might get an honest feedback. But always remember what works for one person may not work for another.

You can find trainers through their ads in the paper or online. There are some trainers who come home to offer their services. If you happen to have workout equipment at home, it would be both convenient and time saving for you to get the trainer’s services.

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What should I look for in a trainer?

The first and foremost thing you should look for is the trainer’s qualification. Make sure that the person is a certified fitness trainer that too from a reputable certification body. Do have a look at the certificates.

Interviewing the trainer

As you are hiring the person, your first meeting should be more like a job interview. Here is a how you can get started:

  • What is your qualification?
  • Do you have experience?
  • Tell me about the motivational techniques you use to help clients reach their goals.
  • After knowing my goals, what kind of a workout plan will you develop for me?
  • How frequently will you be changing my workout routine?
  • Do you have other clients whom I can contact as references?

Don’t mind to interview a few before you zero-in to one, after all it is about your health!

You can also ask the potential trainer about-

The kind of packages offered– You can ask about payment options, whether you need to make the full payment at a time or pay per session or as installments.

Individual sessions– You can ask him/her whether he/she does individual sessions instead of a complete package.

Refund policy– If you are getting your trainer from the gym, you should ask if you will be getting a refund when the trainer leaves the gym. Also ask your gym whether you will be getting the money back if you are not happy with your trainer.

Multiple client sessions– Ask your trainer if he trains more than one client at a time. You can work out with your friends and it will be cheaper too.

Training hours– Ask if the trainer can train you as per your convenience.

Cancellation policy– To cancel a session most trainers need a notice of 24 to 48 hours without you having to pay for it.

Hope I have covered most points. Wish you good luck in searching for the right personal trainer!

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