How To Choose Best Multivitamin Supplement For You?


How To Choose Best Multivitamin Supplement For You

Heya Everyone,

Few days back, an IWB reader pinged me on Facebook and wanted my help to choose best whey protein for her. We started chatting and she told me her dietary habits and asked if she needed to include any other supplement and I recommended her Zenith Nutrition Daily Active Multiple .

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Later I realised I had missed a very important discussion –

How To Choose Best Multivitamin Supplement For You

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Let’s first understand why do you need a multivitamin in the first place. In Rujuta Diwekar’s words, you don’t need a multivitamin only if you stay in a clean, peaceful and natural surroundings plus you eat self grown/home grown foods. This is just like the way our ancestors lived perhaps a few decades ago. Today the air is just as polluted as roads and food is as impure as water. Even if you are growing your veggies, you are adding chemicals in the form of pesticides and fertilizers. In short, we all need multivitamins and especially if you qualify any of the scenarios below –

  • You have Nutrition deficiency. For example anemia

  • You suffer from poor appetite

  • You eat junk most of the time

  • You have a sedentary lifestyle and you still don’t workout

  • You workout a lot and hence your body needs to catch up on nutrients

  • You are a pregnant woman or are planning a baby soon. Women who are planning a baby soon must have Folic acid supplement, check out here.

  • You are woman over 30 years.

  • You are a man over 50 years.

  • You are a vegetarian. Vitamin B12 is best found in meat only.

  • You are suffering from depression or insomnia or any other medical condition which could affect your body’s capability to absorb nutrients from food.

I belong to the last category, being a veggie leaves no option but to take multivitamin daily, without fail.

What are the ingredients of a multivitamin supplement ?

A good multivitamin supplement should include –

  • Minerals like zinc, selenium, magnesium, iron, iodine, calcium, potassium

Tips to buy right multivitamin supplement

The multivitamin must have micronutrients within RDA i.e recommended dietary allowance

Go with a known brand irrespective of price.

Buy from a reputed seller whether online or offline . There are a lot of websites, that fake proofs and pictures to sell their products. We recently witnessed a fraud website where Kanan’s pictures were used by a website selling weight loss pills, check it out here.

Compare ingredients for quality, not price. A reputed and expensive brand’s product may be inferior to a mass selling inexpensive yet popular product.

Check shelf life and expiry date of the product to ensure that you will be able to consume the product before it gets expired.

Read warning and instructions to ensure that the product is appropriate for your consumption. For example – a lot of products carry a consumption warning for lactating mothers.

I hope this post will help you choose best multivitamin supplement for you ! Do let me know if you have queries or inputs through comments section below!

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