How To Choose Good Workout Clothes


How To Choose Good Workout Clothes

Workout clothes are perhaps the most underrated clothes! Yeah right, we are more conscious about choosing our sleepwear but who gives a damn about workout clothes ?

how to choose gym clothes

Now there are various reasons to choose good workout clothes –

  • Workout clothes play an important role in the your morale which in turn governs your workout. Old loose T’s , stretched out lowers will only make you feel shabby. Moreover, it can be dangerous to wear ill fitted clothes at the gym where you can trip getting caught on machines/weights.
  • Fabric of workout clothes is extremely vital. It has to be breathable. Otherwise, you will be sweaty while you workout and the sweat would refuse to dry. Chances of sweaty smell and skin breakouts are always more when you are wearing a wrong fabric.

First of all , lets see whats allowed and whats not allowed.


  • Shorts or capris/three-fourths
  • Track pants- full length
  • Tights(only if they are stretchable enough for movement during workout)
  • Tees – Sleeveless/comfortable sleeves


  • Jeans/casual pants
  • Dresses ofcourse !
  • Ill fitted/loose clothes
  • Indian women wear – Please don’t workout in salwaar kameez or kurti and leggings ! It can be dangerous 🙁

How To Choose Good Workout Clothes

Fabric, Fit and Color are three most important criteria to choose good workout clothes.


Cotton/anything with lycra/spandex/elastic that stretches well. Dry fabric is available in all sports brands. The fabric should be such that does not irritate your skin, does not hold sweat stains and keep drying off the sweat.


Fiting should be such that your clothes don’t restrict your movement while you workout. Don’t wear too tight tees and track pants. Don’t wear too loose clothes !


Choose dark colored clothes. They are better to hide sweat stains and also your inner wears that can become evident in light clothes 😛

Apart from uppers and lowers, there are other important gears that are a part of your workout clothes. For ladies, its mandatory to invest in a good headband to prevent your bangs from coming to your face.

how to choose good workout clothes

A sports bra is must , no compromise on that !  If you don’t prefer to carry a hand towel, you can get a sweat band ! Although my personal preference is always a hand towel for hygiene reason.

wirstband sweatband gym

Invest in good running/cross training shoes. No casual shoes, sandals or flip flops allowed, even  if you don’t  do cardio.

During winters, you can layer your clothes. This will help you to remove the top most layer when you feel hot. Most of the gym have proper cooling/heating that ensures no piling of clothes !

If you workout at home, still all the above tips hold valid. I did a blunder of doing Leslie Sansone 3 miles walk in my home chappals 🙁 . Not only did I had to stop in between and switch to my running shoes, I had pain in my legs later!

That’s all from my side ! You can check out must have things in your gym bag.

Do you have some more tips to choose workout clothes ?

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