How To Choose Healthy Snacks At Movie Theatre


How To Choose Healthy Snacks At Movie Theatre


My greeting is a bit different today and you must be thinking why? Well, it is because we are going to discuss movies and snacks!! The last movie I saw was Bhoothnath Returns and man it was a wonderful movie with a message and total entertainment. Kudos to you Amitabhji!! Ok now, coming back to the topic, snacking and film watching are two inseparable things. Nowadays you can’t even in sneak your homemade snacks to movie theatres as your bags are checked at the multiplex. What to do? Read on.

How To Choose Healthy Snacks At Movie Theatre


How To Choose Healthy Snacks At Movie Theatre

You enjoyed the movie in the chilled theatre. It is interval time and you head for some snacks.

Shock no 1: The snacks are way too overpriced!

Shock no 2: They have too many calories and are unhealthy!

The second shock is the bigger one and the health conscious you does not want to part with your diet and health. What to do?

Weigh the options available

Get pop corn without any flavour like butter or caramel. Go in for lemon juice as it is natural and refreshing. Avoid aerated drinks as much as possible. If you happen to spot fruit chat, it would be a better option. If you are a sandwich person, it is better to get them custom made sans the mayo and sauces. While doing all this don’t forget to go back and watch the rest of the movie 😉

Share and care

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Got a big tub of popcorn? Share them with your friends. This way your friends will think high of you and you will be sharing the calories too. If you have fewer people to share with, buy a smaller pack.

Prevention is better than cure

No, no I didn’t get serious again!! I am just asking you to prepare yourself before you step out for the movie. Have a mini meal at home, it can be anything healthy like fruits, roasted chana, veggie soup (homemade) to fill you up. This will keep your hunger at bay so that you can enjoy the movie and not have a growling stomach!

Still not convinced? Are you thinking that you watch a movie for fun so it should be your cheat day? Now let me do some serious calorie comparisons!

  • Potato chips (small)+ soft drink amounts to 315 kcal

  • Butter popcorn (tub) + soft drink amounts to 320 kcal

  • Chicken sandwich +soft drink amounts to 460 kcal

What do you say now? If you go for healthier options you may be safe on the calorie front –

  • Plain popcorn (1 cup) amounts to 64 kcal

  • Lime juice (2 tsp sugar) amounts to 60 kcal

  • Fruit chat (no sugar/honey) amounts to 100 kcal

Moreover the food sold at the multiplexes is expensive so why do you want to burn a hole in your pocket. Watch the movie and step out and have a healthy snack at one of your favourite joints.

Hope I have provided you with convincing options. Go ahead and enjoy your outing with friends and family! There is no better stress buster than a dhamakedaar movie at the weekend. Give it a thought!

Stay entertained and fit!!

Will you choose a healthy snack when you watch movie in the theatre ?

P.S – These recommendations are not meant for low carb dieters