How To Choose Right Shoe For Walking, Running and Cross Training


How To Choose Right Shoe For Walking, Running and Cross Training

Hello Ladies

Now that Corona has become part of our lives and we see people back on the roads, parks and gyms, are you ready for walks?

Today I am going to tell you the different types of shoes and ways to pick your right pair of shoes.

Important parts of your feet

As you can see in the picture

  • Heel
  • Ball of the foot
  • Toes

How To Choose Right Shoe For Walking, Running and Cross TrainingImportance of a right pair of shoes

  1. As you walk/ hop/ run, you strain your heel, ball of your foot and knees. A right pair of shoes will comfort your foot.
  2. Many of us complain of knees pain and calf muscle ache after the exercise session. You assume that its because of lack of flexibility and continue taking the pain. My dear ladies your ill-fitting shoes is the culprit.

Different types of shoes based on their purposes are,

  1. . Walking shoes
  2. . Running shoes
  3. . Cross training / Aerobics shoes

Walking shoes

  1. One of the basic exercise and easiest of all.
  2. As it involves the ball of your feet, your shoes to provide extra comfort in that region.
  3. Look for a shoe with cushioned heel, reasonably heavy (not too light weighted).
  4. The sole has to be flexible and need to have extra cushion under the ball of your foot.

How To Choose Right Shoe For Walking

Jogging/ Running shoes

  1. Jogging shoes need be flexible and light weighted.
  2. Extra cushion for your heel and the ball of the foot
  3. To avoid skidding, the shoes should have good traction
  4. See to it that, there is few centimeter space between your toes and the tip of the shoe. This gives room for your foot to flex.
  5. Outer sole of the shoe is also important. it should be hard enough to protect you from getting hurt.

How To Choose Right Shoe For running

Training shoes

  1. Light weighted
  2. Extra cushion at the heels (MUST)
  3. Good traction. As the training sessions are usually in-door , ordinary shoes (canvas) will not provide traction.
  4. It should be wide. As light weighted shoes usually cling tightly to your feet, there will be difficulty moving around.
  5. Above all, do not use walking/ running shoes for training (aerobics/ zumba). Walking / running shoes are designed for forward motion and remember training session involves everything (running/ hopping/ tapping/ dancing)

How To Choose Right Shoe For exercise

General tips

  1. Shoes fit : If you have bought a new ill fitting shoes, Ladies ! Make up your mind to discard it.
  2. Perfect fit is what you deserve. Try out shoes from different brands. It should not be too loose (you will easily skid or you need to put extra attention in holding the shoe to your feet) and the shoes should not be too tight (give ample room for your feet)
  3. PAY : Invest in a good pair of shoes
  4. Shoe should be made of breathable material
  5. Look at the grip pattern (below the shoes)
  6. For people with wide foot or flat foot (there are many..including me 😉 ), Remember to opt for shoes which are wider at the toe region.
  7. Use a new (washed) pair of socks every time.
  8. Know when to replace your shoes

Lastly, if you experience pain in the knee or at your ankle or behind the knee or calf muscle, CONSULT A DOCTOR.

Hope this article was useful. Until I get back with another interesting post, Take care.. Ta ta.

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