How To Choose Right Workout Clothes For Your Body Type?


How To Choose Right Workout Clothes For Your Body Type

Heya Everyone,

Last time I wrote a post on how to choose good workout clothes depending on fabric, fit and color. There are various other aspects to look out when you are selecting workout clothes.

This is a WOMEN only post, sorry guys 😛 . So ladies, let’s begin.

How To Choose Right Workout Clothes For Your Body Type?

We women are of different shapes and sizes 😉 (pun intended). Its important to dress correctly when you work out, especially if you work out in a fitness center or go out in parks for jogs/walks. Otherwise, you may end up either looking shabby or looking too hot to handle for a gym 😛 . I will make this post readable and leave it for you to decide what kind of clothes you can wear.

Let’s see how you can dress as per your body type –

If you have it , flaunt it 😉

workout shorts women

If  you have no belly fat, you can surely workout in sports bra and shorts. You can wherever whatever you like. Remember, there is someone always jealous of you, including me 😛

If you are short

Stay away from full track pants for you will always need an alteration. You can wear shorts, tights or 3/4ths. Tights are also knows as leggings and have a tight fitting throughout the leg whereas 3/4th can be loose.

workout clothes india women

If you are top heavy and have chicken legs… errr thin legs

Double layer your sports bra , it always helps to give much needed extra support. Wear a long tee. You can wear full sized tracks or 3/4th or shorts too. Just stay away from tights. Yoga pants also are a nice option.

If you are bottom heavy

Avoid wearing tights and shorts or anything that clings on butt or thighs. Wear relaxed tracks. I recently saw a very fat lady wearing kind of harem pants in gym. It was not exactly as loose as harem pants but it was somewhere between a harem pant and yoga pant.

If you are top and bottom heavy

In case you are plump or fat, wear a long loose Tee and full track pants. Play safe ! As you lose weight, you can be a little more adventurous 😀

If you are proportionate

You may not be an hour glass figure, but if you are proportionate, you have a lot of options to wear stylish yet functional workout clothes. Skirted tights are my favorite !

skirted tights women

One last tip on Tees !

Always prefer sleeveless or half sleeves tees. The tees should be a little longer than what you would be usually wearing for casual occasions. You might not want to expose unintentionally when you bend for your moves 😉

If you have

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