How To Clear Your Mind After A Stressful Day?


How To Clear Your Mind After A Stressful Day?

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Some people (I call them lucky!) are capable of enjoying a busy life. The rest of the population just can’t manage the stress. So, it goes like this-You enter home and are all haggard after a long and tiring day at work, mentally exhausted. It is not just work that drains you out, it is the heat, the tiring commute that leaves you dull at the end of the day.

It is essential to clear all the clutter to make most of the life you are living. Here are a few tips to clear your mind after a long day at work.

Chat with a friend

woman on phone-beating a stressful day

No, I am not asking you to go out to meet a friend as you will only get more tired by all the travelling in the mad rush. A telephonic conversation is sufficient. You can also connect via facebook and whatsapp! Call her or him on your way back home or after you reach home. You can talk about the stressful day you have had at work and what problems you had to face. Venting out your feelings will help in clearing your mind.

Jot things down in your diary

Irritable Bowel Syndrome food diary

If you can’t reach out to a friend, try using your diary. Write down all your problems, disappointments in your diary. This process will help in getting the issues out of your mind. Don’t bottle up emotions, just vent them out. Moreover, secret things can be told to the diary and it won’t tell it out to others :P. This is why people say that your diary is your best friend.

Hug a loved one

woman-n-dog prevent depression naturally

Cuddling and hugging a loved one can help in improving one’s mood. Remember the ‘Jaado ki jhapi’ from Munnabhai MBBS? Actually hugging or cuddling releases the feel good hormones. So, when you reach home cuddle your pet dog who has been anxiously waiting for you. Give mom and dad a hug, they are your biggest support system in the entire world!

Choose a hobby

woman dancing- stressful day

It is essential to be passionate about something in life. That passion can be your hobby. You can schedule it post work. It can be dancing, singing, gardening, playing the guitar or the drums. When you involve yourself in something that you enjoy, your mood will get brightened up. This will help you in clearing off the clutter in your mind.

Lie down with your legs up the wall

woman legs up the wall- stressful day

When you lie down putting your legs up the wall, your blood is made to flow in a reverse direction and that helps in making you feel relaxed in just 5 minutes. Take the help of blankets and cushions to feel more comfortable in that position.

Try exercising

treadmill weight loss

I know it is tough to exercise when you don’t have energy at the end of the day. Just freshen up and try to do moderate to high intensity workout that will help in releasing feel-good hormones. You will feel elated and happy with a positive outlook.

Take a hot bath


There is no better way of relaxing like a hot water bath. It soothes your body so well and revitalizes your senses. Adding in some essential oils and mineral salts to your bathing water can help rejuvenating your senses and cleansing your mind/body.

Do try these tricks and see your stress melting away! You will be able to tackle the next day at work much better when your mind is absolutely clear.

Follow these tricks of Clearing Your Mind After A Stressful Day and be happy!

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