How To Combine Strength Training And Swimming


How To Combine Strength Training And Swimming

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Summer time is best enjoyed in the pool. A quick swim is all you need to get refreshed. Have you ever thought about adding dumbbells to your otherwise equipment free leisure activity? You can probably turn the pool into a proper training zone!

It was the ancient Hawaiians who first developed this concept of strength training in water. They would take along large rocks into the ocean and carry them while swimming along the ocean floor. It’s a wonderful technique, as it removes any chances of suffering an injury due to the workout. Combining swimming and strength training gives better results than doing just strength training or swimming alone.

Do you know that a weight that is manageable on land requires more effort while swimming with it underwater?

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Discover how you can do strength training in the water with these specially designed exercises. Begin with light weights and you will be surprised to see how challenging the moves are because of the added water resistance.

Dolphin Jacks
Stand in about 8 feet of water, completely submerged, hold a light dumbbell in each hand (try 10-pound weights), with the arms out to sides and your feet on the floor of the pool. Explode up, bring arms down to the sides as you go up to the surface to take a big breath. Exhale and sink back under the water and then repeat the exercise. Try doing 25 jacks.

Ammo Box
Holding a 20- to 25-pound dumbbell tucked into one arm ( just like a football), swim underwater –- propel yourself with the opposite arm and both legs –- across the width of the pool. Place the weight on the edge of the pool , switch your hands and swim back. Repeat this once.

Sea Horse
Stand in the water such that your head is above the water surface, and place a 15-pound dumbbell in between your thighs. Squeeze the weight to keep it in place, try raising your legs straight out in front of you so that you can see your toes. Now swim forward across the width of the pool and back using just your arms.

Cell Phone
Stand at one end of the swimming pool and raise a 10-pound dumbbell you’re your head with one hand. Sink underwater and then swim in the forward direction as far as you can while keeping the dumbbell above the surface (as if it were a cell phone). Reach the edge of the pool, stand and switch the weight to the other hand, and then repeat once.

Killer Lunges
Stand submerged in the water with a 20-pound dumbbell in each hand, right leg should lunge forward. Push off from the pool floor to explode up and break the water surface. Inhale deeply as you scissor your legs to go back on the pool floor with the left leg lunging forward. Repeat quickly, with an aim to do twenty lunges on each leg.

Underwater Strength Training Rules

  • Use rubber-coated weights as they won’t rust, and are less likely to dent the pool floor or the sides if you happen to bump them.
  • Make it a point to wear a mask. It helps in keeping the visibility clear and it stops water from entering the nose.
  • Don’t drop the weights down. The rule that applies in the gym applies here too. Dropping dumbbells is dangerous. If you’re feeling tired just gently place the weights on the floor of the pool or along its edge.

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