How To Control Weight After Marriage

How To Control Weight After Marriage

How To Control Weight After Marriage


Despite Covid-19 , second wave going on, the wedding season is on. It is a well-known fact that people gain weight very quickly after getting married. Reasons are many but without getting into those details let’s know How To Control Weight After Marriage.

How To Control Weight After Marriage

Let us know first how to manage fitness levels during and post marriage!

You don’t have to bother your new family with stocking up diet food, but just incorporate few things to keep fit and going.

How To Control Weight After Marriage

So here are few tips I have been following and even during my honeymoon, I did not budge 🙂

The one with Surya Namaskars


Surya Namaskar For Weight Loss

Surya namaskars are 12 salutation rounds you can easily pick them up from any yoga videos available online. I am an ardent yoga fan, thus, surya namaskars requires only a yoga mat, some space and lots of motivation. I took up yoga classes even few days before my marriage, but post marriage we left for our vacation to Maldives. We stayed at a wonderful resort, there was an amazing gym there. I started with few rounds of surya namaskars followed with treadmill and used the skipping rope to get some heart pumping. My husband used the treadmill and weights section.

At a place like Maldives, you have lot of spare time. Thus eating good meals does not hurt 😛

The one with kickstarting your day with good breakfast

Yes, follow this one to remain active through out the day. Every hotel offers buffet breakfast, since I am a vegetarian I was lucky not to opt for the sodium laden salamis and sausages. I started my meal with milk/yoghurt and muesli along with some prunes and dates. I tried some of the exotic fresh home made fruit yoghurts packed with lots of calcium and vitamins.

For the next round, I ate a vegetable omelet without cheese along with toasted multigrain bread. I followed with some seasonal fruits and even carried some bananas back to my room for mid morning snacky 🙂

Once in a while I had freshly made sugar free juices, like orange, pineapple.

The one with ignoring buffet meals at hotels

Husband and I were always tempted to try the buffet meals offered at the resorts, the spreads were so tempting. The number of desserts offered were always calling us.  We always ordered from the ala carte menu. It was always better. We ate only what we ordered. Shared one dessert only on days we thought it was really needed 😉

We enjoyed our vacation, tried different cuisines and stayed fit.

The one with moving all day


How To manage Weight After Marriage

The tip is to keep moving all day, never to sit or lie down always, after marriage I shifted to two places, once in Delhi at my in laws place and second in Pune where my husband works. I did lot of running around, packing, unpacking, settling cupboards, meeting guest popping over at our new place. We cousins took out time to run at a nearby club. The idea was to keep yourself active..

The one with eating small meals

This one always comes handy. Since everyone is feeding you with food, remember to take small meals to keep yourself full. I eat nuts, yoghurts, poha with green chillies for evening snacks . I simply keep myself full. I don’t eat wrong at dinners, I choose what I eat. People often tell me I eat less, but that’s because I eat all the time 🙂 with caution.

The one with taking your vitamin supplements


weight loss supplements

After marriage, you need a lot of energy, for surviving the changes. I recall not taking my multi vitamins for 2 weeks after which I was really low on energy. I cried a lot. I decided to get back to my schedule and take my vitamin e and vitamin c supplement. It is best not to bother people around you and just simply take care of yourself, because your own health is very important in order to take care of others around you. ­­­­Of course, it goes without saying that you need to check with your doctor whether you need supplements or not.

The one with avoid eating whatever comes your way

Ours was one shaadi ka ghar, we had mithais, fried snacks all over the place. One day, it was bhatura chanas and to top that there was moong daal halwa. I was in a fix. None the less, since I was the queen, my wishes were everyone’s command 😉 I would have my simple ghee roti with the sabjis, avoid eating a lot of sweets at the night. Since I always ate small meals, I did not feel hungry at all. I remember taking a tiffin to the beauty parlour where I was getting ready, and eating my grub when I got a much needed break. I sipped on nariyal pani before entering the venue. I was cheerful all the time, I enjoyed my wedding functions as much as everyone else did.

The one with having home cooked meals

Ok, forget honeymoon, where you don’t have the luxury of having home cooked meals, but as soon as I got back, I told my mother in law, that we will have ghar ka khana, I have been longing home cooked meals are cooked with love, with clean and hygienic conditions, you know that the right thing is going inside your body.

I have shifted to Pune, from day one I packed lunch for Mr. Husband. I believe that all of us should know how to cook. I cook simple things, I stocked my home with brown rice, multi grain atta (made myself), fruits, nuts, curd, milk and eggs. I can easily whip up some quick stuff. I have help with me for cooking, but I can always manage even if they are not there. Thus be proud of the fact that you can cook. After all way to a man’s heart is through his stomach 😉

Last but not the least, get back to your routine, join a gym, health club, yoga center near your house. Trust me you will love it :). You will fit into all your wedding clothes, trousseau would not get wasted and you will always glow.. well a little hard work does not hurt 😀

Make your husband also tag along with you in your pursuits. love the fact that two people can live with each other and have similar goals. It makes life a lot easier and happier.

Love to all


Do you have some more tips to control weight after marriage ? Share with us !

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