How To Create Your Own Home Based Spa?


How To Create Your Own Home Based Spa?

Your Own Home Based Spa 2Why spend a bomb- when you can have your own home based spa

Who wouldn’t love to visit a spa – to pamper their senses and to unwind or relax? Give me a chance and I would be the first one (yes, men too love their spa moments). But, with the rat-raced lives we lead, who has the time, the inclination or even the money (spa treatments do cost a bomb).

A little pampering now and then would help bring back harmony and balance – and it would nurture the body, the mind and the soul as well. Now why don’t we create our own ‘mini-spa’ and since Diwali is just a few days more to enjoy – let’s set up one at home and use it to the fullest – get gorgeous darlings.

home spa4

What you would need

  • You would need an empty space or an empty bathtub – if you don’t have the latter, worry not. Just an empty bathroom at home does the trick.
  • Plenty of fresh clean cotton towels, washcloths and big fluffy cloth pieces. An extra large towel to wipe your body dry, and one large towel for your hair please. A lovely bathrobe and a pair of nice chappals.
  • In your mind, create a theme of your choice. It should be one that would help you relax and unwind – don’t forget some nice music and dim the lights as well. The music CD you play should energize and transport you into a different realm altogether.

Your Own Home Based Spa

  • Your Own Home Based Spa 1Take a deep breath and inhale the lovely aroma, and allow it to immerse into each cell and sense organs of the body.
  • Keep in hand at least 30 mins to enjoy the experience of a home-based spa. Turn on the hot water and let the steam disseminate the aroma oils and fragrances into the mise-en-scene around.
  • In your bath water, add a few drops of aroma oils; for example, peppermint oil or lemon oil. It helps soothe the nerves and also keeps the skin moistened and supple – soft as a baby’s bottom.
  • Pick up a few aroma candles – orange, lime, lavender, citrus, etc can help the body and the mind, relax.
  • Take a few drops of your favourite oil and add a pinch of Epsom or any bath salt to it. Now mix this concoction into the hot bath water.
  • Dip the washcloth into this water and wipe your face gently – please check the temperature of the water- it shouldn’t be too hot, or else the face would burn.
  • home spa maskApply a facial mask. Cucumber paste with honey, lime and a little gram flour.
  • One tablespoon each and made into a semi-liquid paste. Remember, the hot water has opened the pores of the skin, and your face is now ready to absorb the goodness of the facial mask.
  • Wait for ten minutes and when the mask is semi-dry; scrub the cheeks in circles and the neck upwards.
  • Be gentle with the skin.
  • For the palms and the feet, immerse them first in hot water and then cold – five times with a gap of ten seconds each.
  • Use aloe vera gel to moisturize the sole and the palms, and with the help of a pumice stone, give yourself gentle scrubs.
  • The last rinse should be cold water for both the palms and the soles.

home based spa

  • For the hair, apply a tablespoon of honey, coconut oil and castor oil in equal quantities.
  • Let it immerse into the scalp while the steam around you helps the follicles eat the goodness.
  • The scalp pores now open up, and you then can feel the oils sinking into the scalp.
  • Finish off with a hot turban therapy for ten minutes, and rinse off the hair with luke-warm water.

home spa

  • The final body rinse should be done with a mix of rose water and luke-warm water.
  • Pat the body dry, and close your eyes. Sink into the experience and wear your slippers when done.

A home spa to build doesn’t cost a bomb – your kitchen has all the ingredients you need. Go ahead darlings, stay lovely and gorgeous.

Are you ready to create your own home based Spa?

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