How To Deal With Weight gain After Marriage


How To Deal With Weight gain After Marriage

weight gain after marriageI had a big fat Punjabi wedding a few months back. Yes, the typical Punjabi wedding you see on TV with all the dancing, drinking, and eating.

Talking of eating reminds of all the eating that we did before the wedding, during the ceremonies and post the wedding. Just thinking about it makes me want to shake my head in disbelief. How can humans manage to eat so much? But we not just managed to, we enjoyed every last bite.

If you’re not familiar with what goes on in a Punjabi wedding; let me give you a quick heads up.

We literally gobbled up food

3 days before the wedding

wedding-drinks-and-snacksGet together at bride’s house with loads of singing, and legs pulling. And of course loads of snacks. Hara bhara kebab, tandoori alu, chilly baby corn, spicy garlic chicken balls. Yes, I am still talking about the starters. The menu for dinner was even more horrendously huge.

1 day before the wedding

One day before I got married was my Mehendi ceremony. I didn’t really have time to eat, but I do vaguely remember the menu. Cheese balls, fried fish, tandoori chicken, dal pakodas; followed by the main course that comprised of various curries, masala gobi alu, veg jhalphrezi, chicken handi,  Punjabi chole, rice, a variety of flatbreads, and of course salads, and raita. This was just the afternoon ceremony. To get an idea of the evening layout, you just have to imagine double of what was served to us in the afternoon.

The D-day and more

Though there was a huge spread on my wedding day, I didn’t really eat much; which was a relief because the next few weeks of eating more than made up for one day of hardly eating. And we haven’t stopped eating since.

wedding dayThere is a very obvious result of eating so much in the last few months and I think every newly married person will relate. I have gained weight. A lot of it. I don’t have a weighing machine at home, but even if I did I would be too afraid to check. And don’t even get me started on the exercise yet. Every night, yes every night I and hubby dear decide that we will get up early next morning and exercise. Without fail. And every morning, yes every morning, we switch off our alarms and go back to sleep again. Without fail.

I am looking for ways to get motivated enough to exercise. But then I don’t know when that will happen. So I decided to diet. My goal is to lose 2 Kgs every month till December. I have three months, but I am determined.

Here’s what I am doing to lose the extra kilos I gained after marriage.

Take it easy

For the first few weeks of getting married, I didn’t worry about losing weight. I had a lot of changes to deal with. Apart from adjusting to a new lifestyle, I had to shift to a new city. It took me a long time to settle down. In fact, even now I am trying to find my feet.

Getting married is a huge change. It is often a new beginning, especially for women. You are expected to learn the rules of a new household, learn their customs, and adjust to the whims and fancies of your new family. It’s not easy and you often have to bear the burden of too many expectations from too many people.

For most of us, losing weight is not an easy task. At the beginning of your new life, even the idea of losing weight can get stressful. I know because I went through it. Once I let go and went with the flow, it was easier for me to decide to lose weight when I was ready.

Set an achievable goal

Get Started With Best Weight Loss Tips!I can’t achieve much by just dieting. And I can’t expect my body type to change. I was never super skinny (not unless you count my teenage years). I certainly can’t become a size zero. That’s why I have set achievable goals for myself. Ideally I want to start with losing a total of 6 kgs. My current weight is 57 kgs, and according to my BMI it should ideally be 51-53 kgs. If I lose 6 kgs, I will come down to 51 kgs; which is something I want to maintain. I plan to lose 2 kgs every month so that by the end of the year I am fitter!

It’s important to not overdo it. I have done that in the past and ended up at 48 kgs which sounded really good to me. For the first few weeks I was euphoric, but then my health started to deteriorate. As a naïve teenager I didn’t realize that my body was not getting the food it required, and as a result my hemoglobin levels went dangerously down and I even fainted on the road.

That’s why I am extra careful about the goals I set for myself. Losing weight should not be a competition. It’s a choice you make for yourself.  Your goals should be realistic and should be made to benefit you.

Get your partner on board

When you’re doing something new and you need motivation, it is very important that your partner supports you on your efforts. Just telling him or her that you are trying to lose weight will help. Get them involved in every step.

Tell your partner to diet with you. Not only will you feel better because of his support, he too will get fitter. I am following a low carb diet and every Wednesday I cook a no carb dinner for both of us; which my hubby readily eats. Even if your partner is reluctant about following a diet, he can help you out by discouraging you from eating all those chips and cold drinks that tempt you.

We try to go grocery shopping together, so that we can remind each other not to buy pointless food. After setting my weight loss goal, I encouraged him to the same. It’s easier not to slip when I know both of us are in this together. After all, that’s what marriage is about.

Cook up the meals yourself

masala brinjalBefore my marriage, cooking used to be an event; to be done only on special occasions. Since I am managing my own household, cooking is largely my responsibility (hubby assists). And because it’s just the two of us I have the freedom to experiment; which I love doing!

When you cook yourself, you know exactly what you’re putting in the food you make. This way you can control what goes inside your mouth! Being aware of what you eat is one of the tricks of losing weight. Soon enough, you will start counting the calories of the meals you are cooking, and will start looking out for low calorie recipes.

Don’t serve food on the table!

No, I am telling you to starve yourself or your husband. I am just telling you not to place the serving bowls on your dining table when you sit down to eat.

Sounds weird? Because it is! When you start dinner, serve yourself a small portion of whatever you’re having in the kitchen itself. Remember, you don’t need to load your plate. Just a small portion. After you’ve done that go back to your table to sit and eat. Once you’re done with your first helping, get up and walk those few steps to get another small helping. The time you take will be longer than serving yourself from the table.  This long pause between two helpings will give you time to decide whether you need more.

Experts say that eating slowly helps you lose weight. So, if you’re not instantly helping yourself to another spoonful of your favourite masala brinjal, you are giving yourself (and your stomach) time to decide how much more you actually need. Moreover, since we are visual people (and in my case lazy) we end up eating less when we see less food in front of us. Makes sense? Even if it doesn’t there is no harm in trying!

Find a diet that suits you

Low-CarbThe hubby and I have decided to follow a low carb diet. We are going to indulge our carb cravings only twice a week.

We have also decided to stay off butter for at least the next few months. Since I cook using non-stick cookware, I already cook my food in minimum oil. We also drink a cup of hot water and lemon juice every morning to get rid of toxins. On some days I drink green tea.

I love anything and everything sweet, and it’s something I can’t give up completely. However, I have reduced my consumption of sugar in my morning coffee from two spoons to one. That for me is an achievement; it’s one of the drops in the ocean.

Remember, our bodies need a little of everything, even carbs and fat. Distinguishing between good and bad fat is important.

Also remember that all bodies are different. What works for us, may not work for you. Finding a diet that suits you is often trial and error. You have to keep trying, and once you find something that fits, following it won’t be tough.

Did you find these suggestions about controlling weight gain after marriage informative?

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