How to Debloat During Breakfast


How to Debloat During Breakfast

After a fun weekend, food, cocktails, etc., the next day when you wake up, you may feel bloated like a giant marshmallow. You may feel like an over inflated hot balloon that can explode anytime. This usually occurs due to few foods or when you consume sodium excessively. You don’t want to eat or drink anything. But there are few foods which can actually debloat making you feel normal quickly. They reduce the symptoms reduce to the half. Here is how this can be done.

How to Debloat During Breakfast



Debloat and at the same time hydrate your body by choosing right fluids. Peppermint tea, coconut water, kombucha, etc. can reduce inflammation and belly bloat. You can even add chia seeds to your beverages. Chia seeds drink can instantly reduce bloating and make your morning energizing.

Hydrating Vegetables:

Do you know that hydration can counteract the side effects of excess sodium in the body and fights against the effects of long night outs? Simply add water rich vegetables like tomatoes or bell peppers to your meal. Asparagus eases stomach gas and removes the wastes from your body.


Papaya and Sun Melon Summer Fruit Drink Recipe15

Fruits like pineapple, papaya, etc. help in proper digestion. Make slices of these fruits and add them to your breakfast or simply make these fruits as your breakfast and try making a recipe with them such as papaya doughnut. You do not have to risk the constipation. If you like smoothies, you may add tropical blend which includes ginger and mint.

Whole Grains:

Instead of opting for your regular breakfast dishes, choose quinoa which can easily stand in for other dishes. In order to double the rate of debloating, add yogurt to it. This can shrink the puffiness you are feeling and will feel light by lunch time.

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Lemon and Water:

You should never avoid drinking water in order to keep your body hydrated. If you drink less water, your body holds the water being fearful of dehydration. Lemon is naturally diuretic and helps in digestion greatly. Make detox water yourself with lemon and water. Use spring water, lemon, lime, grape fruit, cucumber, mint leaves to make it.

Beans and Lentils:

Usually depletion of potassium, fiber and excess of sodium lead to bloating. Beans are rich in potassium and sodium. These can reverse the effect of bloating.



Probiotic yogurt is expert in reducing the effects of bloating. If you are sensitive to lactose, use yogurt. Enzymes in yogurt which are already broken down and so, it is a better option over direct milk.


weight maintain green tea

Opt for peppermint tea, fennel tea, or ginger tea to reduce gas and digest your food properly. There are many detox teas. Green tea bags, lemon, honey, strawberries and cucumber can be used for this.

Go Salt Free:

Since sodium should be avoided at this point, you need to avoid consuming salt strictly. Get salt free seasonings which won’t leave you feeling puffy. Try parsley, dill, basil, etc. to enhance your dishes.

Low Carb:

Go for whole grain bread slices for sandwiches and opt for brown rice over white rice. Foods with high carbohydrates make your muscles store glycogen which in result your body stores 3 g of water per 1 g of glycogen.

Fresh Fruits over Sweets:

Sweets may tempt you but the artificial sweeteners in them gets absorbed by GI tract and lead to bloating and gas. So, it’s better to choose fruits over sweets.

So, these are few of those foods which make you feel light and debloat quickly. Have them instead of regular heavy dishes that fill your stomach.

Do you know of any other food that helps debloat during breakfast? Share with us.

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