How To Diet Effectively For Weight Loss


How To Diet Effectively For Weight Loss

Heya Everyone,

Apart from the diet and the workout plan, there are certain rules that you have to abide in order to maximize your weight loss results.

Stick to them n I guarantee you would notice the difference in your body in this 1 month.These so called rules are actually Lifestyle changes one needs to bring in life in the best interest of Health.

Let’s begin –

How To Diet Effectively For Weight Loss

How To Diet Effectively For Weight Loss

  • Use full fat milk to prepare curd and paneer. Only homemade curd and paneer alllowed.
  • No salt after 8 pm/dinner. Have a cup of warm milk if you are hungry post dinner.
  • Do not skip your pre workout and post workout meals , no matter whatttt !
  • Drink water as if you were a Fish ! Ideally you should consume 3-4 litres of water. No, I have not gone nuts ! If you are working out, you would notice that 1 litre water is consumed in the gym itself. Its not difficult to drink 2 litres of water in the entire day.
  • Have Green tea twice a day. I am not setting a time for it, have it at your own convenience.
  • NO sugar in tea/coffee.Ideally tea and coffee should not be allowed but i don’t want you or me to be frustrated :P. If you want sweet tea, use Stevia – details here.
  • If you are a veggie( read no eggs), make sure that you get enough protein from channa, paneer, soy etc. I insist that you should start taking a protein supplement for better fat loss.
  • Avoid starchy foods like potato.
  • Avoid candy fruits , meaning those rich in sugar. Eg. Mango
  • No alcohol. You don’t need alcohol to be high on life 🙂
  • No smoking. Light a candle and burn your cigarette packets ! Period.
  • No soft drinks, not even diet drinks.
  • No cookies, biscuits, chips, maggi. No factory made stuff !
  • Use minimum oil in cooking. You can have 1 tsp of ghee daily. Add ghee in cooked daal or veggies.
  • Keep munching or grazing. Do not starve ! If you know you would feel extremely hungry in two hours, eat after an hour. When you are starving, you lose your sense of choosing what to eat ! You would eat whatever comes your way. Keep nuts and fruit handy with you all the time.
  • Portion control is extremely important. 1 roti / 1 cup cooked rice along with other items like salad, veggie, curd and daal should suffice. If you are still hungry, wait for sometime and indulge again on a healthy snack.
  • Do not miss your workout. If you are not working out, walk compulsorily for an hour or 5 kms whichever is more.
  • Take stairs , please shun lift for the time being.
  • Learn to say No, its not that bad a word !
  • Log your meals and workout. You can use a mobile or web application like this.
  • Do not weigh/measure yourself daily.
  • You can cheat/eat out once a week. Just choose your dish wisely, read the tips here.If possible, avoid dinner eat-outs. If you can’t, have early dinner.
  • If you crave for sweet, eat an orange or date. They help to curb sweet cravings. Read here.
  • Do not think about weight loss all the time. Chill ! If you eat right, weight loss will happen automatically.

If you have missed the IWB Challenge, please find Diet Plans here and here, workout plan here and meet our fitness expert here.

All the Besht 🙂

Your partner in your weight loss 😀 – Tarun

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  1. Hi Mitha…how u doing ? 🙂 Good to see you here

    Tarun that orange tip is so good ya..thank u..i have almost quit sugar but sometime when i have the craving i feel like having sugary tea..will skip that..

  2. Except the skim milk & sugar, i try to follow all tips posted.. It has become my lifestyle rather than a fad diet. Thanks to such blogs as this, which stress on healthy lifestyle rather than 10 days tips or crash course in weight loss. 🙂

    • Hey Anjalee, thanks much 🙂 . Shortcuts do work.. always on the negative side lol 😛
      Long term lifestyle changes are must to be healthy !

  3. Yup! for me its a lifestyle change too..thing is the wrong knowledge which is spread around which makes one follow stupid things…for example – banning butter was the stupidest thing i did..i am glad i am giving my daughter bit of butter in her food.

    • i bindaas eat butter n cheese n ghee in moderation unlike before. N guess what earlier i also shunned butter, n my legs cramped hands cramped . All myths floating around, phew !

  4. Me too never understood all the hoopla about avoiding ghee & butter.. 1 tbsp of ghee / butter makes food yummy and healthy for bones also..

  5. great going yaaa ! as i said i was travelling last week, so starting the challenge from today… and am sure its going to work…. 🙂


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