How To Do 108 Surya Namaskar

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How To Do 108 Surya Namaskar /Sun Salutation

Hi all,

I have been doing Bharat Thakur artistic yoga these days, I couldn’t bear the heat in Bikram Yoga classes plus it was getting unbearable due to the heat, so I found myself at the BT yoga centre. I must let you know, I also hit the gym for cardio, resistance and aerobics. I have been so used to a personal trainer in Delhi, but now I am trying to become own πŸ™‚

Anyhow, the weekend class at BT yoga started with warming up of spot jogging, stretches & kapalbhatis. Our trainer told us that today we will be doing 108 surya namaskars to end the week. To which I was a bit taken a aback, I was wondering whether I will be able to do it or not. Read on to see how I made to the number 108.

How To Do 108 Surya Namaskar /Sun Salutation

My journey to yoga started when I was way too young, my mom sent me to yoga classes, where I was taught basic asanas, I started to enjoy it, and this got me into Iyengar yoga at Pune where I studied. Incidentally, I shifted back to Pune, and now back to the yoga hub. Pune has lot of yoga culture thanks to the foreigners who have a great penchant for this. Surprisingly Indians, don’t think yoga is apt for weight loss.

In fact in my opinion, yoga has a holistic approach, it cleanses your mind, keeps you alert, and your brain is sharper. Not to forge, your skin and hair will glow if you follow yoga along with a clean diet. I have also done Vinayasa form of yoga which was lot more gruelling and very difficult to find trainers in India, I was lucky to have one guruji in Delhi, but not anymore.

What Bharat Thakur yoga comprises of is Hath yoga, which is common to Bikram yoga as well. We start with asanas and focus on breathing. Depending upon your flexibility you must not over stretch.Β  I must warn you doing 100 above surya namaskars in proper postures may cause you sore muscles the next day, but I will give you some pointers to help you overcome that J

So as we all know, surya namaskars are 12 sun salutations which have a mantra do be chanted as we proceed. Each asana prescribes a mantra and is a way of respecting the sun. Surya namaskars in the modern language is a cardio to begin with and helps you become flexible. You may check many videos available online on the web to check how to do surya namaskars or you may even consult books.

I was almost exhausted after the 30 minutes, when the trainer announced that we will be doing 108 surya namaskars. I reached 55 and decided to give up, but the trainer was adamant, he stretched me and I continued. I was energised by end of the class and last 10 were a cake walk. If you are new to yoga I recommend you go slowly.

How To Do 108 Surya Namaskar /Sun SalutationHere’s a recommended routine for four weeks to help you build up to your target of 108.

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7
Week 1 4 sets 8 12 16 20 24 Rest
Week 2 24 24 24 24 24 24 Rest
Week 3 36 36 36 36 36 36 Rest
Week 4 48 48 Rest 54 54 54 54

Source:Β Art Of Living Website

After the class you must cool down, we lied down in shavasana, did side stretches lying down on the mat and chanted om to wrap up the class. We also did pavanmukta asana to relieve all body pains.

How to end your 108 workout

  1. Lie down in shavasana,
  2. By doing light stretching exercises,
  3. Chanting om around 4-5 times,
  4. Have warm glass of milk with turmeric mixed in it,
  5. Sleeping well after the class,
  6. Getting a body massage to get rid of sore muscles.

I hope you enjoyed reading my experience, however a word of caution, please do not do this if you have chronic back pain, knee injuries or if you are suffering from ill-health. I recommend learning the art of correct postures from a certified yoga instructor and then practicing on your own.

Till then happy saluting the sun πŸ˜€ .

Will you try doing 108 surya namaskar ?


  1. HII VRINDA, lovely article… i too swear on suryanamskar’s. been doing it for past 18months .the benefits are immense.

  2. wow…i can hardly do 10-12 at a time….hats off to you…suryanamskar is a full body workout…

  3. Awesome post Vrinda. I have been longinf for a post on surya namaskar. I appreciate you doing 108 surya namaskars.even i used to get muscle sores even after 50 sit ups..
    got relal motivated

  4. Till now m doing up to 50 suryanamaskara only…u r doing really really a gr8 job…gr8 vrinda

  5. Thanks dear I usually perform better in the class. When I’m on my own I give up rather quick πŸ™

  6. That was great!!!… Right now I’m practicing 54 surya namaskars… Can I gradually jump up to 108 and continue through out?…

  7. I am doing 75 namaskar daily and feeling great !
    I am already feeling good changes in my body externally and internally.
    Looking forward to reach 108 namaskar daily soon πŸ™‚

  8. Hi Bharat,
    good going!
    You are half way through!
    you will soon reach another milestone of 75 and then next one of 108!
    Keep it up and update all of us with good news!

  9. Hi Vrinda,
    Great to know about the “achievement” of 108 namaskar daily!
    Are you still doing the same number everyday? How much time does it take?
    I am curious to know as I need to plan my day accordingly.
    Once again, great going!

  10. I am doing 3 sets of 25 currently with 2 minutes of gap in set. After 3 sets, 5 minutes of shavasan.
    also, planning to raise 1 number every alternate day and reach 36 x 3 one day ! I hope πŸ™‚

  11. Glad to update team that I have reached 108 surya namaskar daily basis !
    Doing it from last 2 weeks so feel confident to update you all!
    Feeling great about the achievement and determined to keep it for entire life!

  12. Yes, Thanks Tarun Preet.
    I am experiencing so many benefits now like hunger control, increased stamina and lot of “feel good” factor. It is a great exercise and I dont feel tired throughout day, which is more important.
    I want to go for more number but there is time limitation πŸ™
    But 1 hour every morning is a very good time spent!

  13. Glad to update team that I am continuing 108+ now Surya Namaskar on daily basis from last 1 month. Feeling greater, lighter and more energetic!
    Just do it with passion πŸ™‚

  14. Nice Article Vrinda,

    I am doing 60 Rounds of Suryanamaskar daily, Is it enough to remain fit or else I should Increase the numbers of doing Suryanamaskar….

    Please Help

  15. Hi Prateek,

    I have done it only on a few occassions and I certainly dont do 108 now. please do things according to your strength and ability. Dont push yourself into anything which may cause an injury. You can also try other forms of exercise if you like.


  16. I am doing 108 Surya Namaskar for almost a year now. It is a simple yet great exercise for all body, my vital parameters are stable along with thyroid! It is indeed a gift to mankind!

  17. Hi Vrinda,

    First of all bravo to your fitness skills. I had just googled “I can do ? sun salutations in a day” and found your article at the top and started reading. That’s when I found there are other crazy ? fitness enthusiasts like me. Offcourse yoga is a great form of excercise nevertheless as you have said do it upto your own capacity and strength and not beyond that it may lead to an injury. I also do around 100-120 surya namaskar in a day. Offcourse not everyday. But once in 10 days and rest of the day do around 50 if I am not able to find much time. Keep up the good fitness streak in you. And keep motivating more people like us through your writing.

  18. Hi folks, I am continuing to complete 108 surya namaskar everyday! Stable body weight, stable mind! Has improved hunger control, cheerful mood throughout day, stamina and good sleep!
    Keep yourself motivated for doing it daily, and slowly increasing numbers one by one in each set! We will reach 36 x 3 sets soon. Later, it is a matter of sustaining! Regards

  19. All of you are doing great job. Very much inspired from your experience and determination. Just one question for you. Currently I am suffering from Typhoid. Now it is 99% cured. I want to recover soon. After this how much surya namaskars should I do. Earlier I was doing 50 daily.How much diet should be taken to sustain 50 surya namaskars daily. Hope to get a best reply soon. Thanks.

  20. I am a starter and today is my first day doing 5 today. Wish to reach 108 daily. Thanks for the tips.

  21. Doing 108 Surya Namaskar is a routine by now! Feel good inside, energetic whole day and confident for healthy lifestyle. Apart from that, staying away from unhealthy habits is going to add benefits e.g. late evening dinner, late night sleeps, long sleep hours, too much fatty food etc.

    I am glad that I am continuing my routine, 108 daily (almost), like 6 days a week, and other habits!

    Recently I came across a very nice line which motivated me and will motivate you too!


  22. Hi i m dojng 100 suryanamaskar daily from last 15 days .. i m quite flexible also.. currently my weight is 60 and wanted to loose 5 kg, can i loose this extra five kgs only doing Surynamaskar…pls suggest

  23. Hi Reema,

    Great to know you are able to sustain 100 numbers daily, please continue the momentum.
    Please dont see Surya Namaskar as a weight loss solution. Weight is just a number at the end. If you are feeling energetic, joyful, mentally stable, getting good sleep, please count on these benefits. Weight loss depends on many parameters,. Mainly, as one starts reducing weight, rate of weight reduction slows down.

    In summary, weight loss through Surya Namaskar is possible but other benefits are more important and thats how weight loss happens as a side advantage.

  24. Sir I heard it causes some back problems due to regular backward and forward movements.Is it safe doing 108 Surya namaskar on daily basis for longer period of time?
    Can you please explain me the breathing pattern? Is it one breath one asana?

  25. Hello folks,

    I am glad to inform I am continuing 108 surya namaskar from last 2 years ! Very very beneficial for maintaining weight and good body posture.


  26. Muscles are toned with regular exercise of Surya Namaskar. Muscles are not built as you expect from other upper body exercise at gym.

    Overall body is shaped since Surya Namaskar is also Sarv-anga yoga. With regular routine, one can get shine as well, if practiced correctly.

  27. Hi Kedar, hats off to your determination for being so consistent. I need to lose 10kgs. Will take you as an inspiration. I’ve PCOS and hypothyroid. Please let me know any diet tips which worked for you.

  28. Thanks for the post. Right now I have reached to 16 salutation per day. Just a doubt regarding the above chart. It shows up to 54. How to proceed further from 54 to 108??

  29. One round of Sun Salutation consist of 12 yoga poses.One set consists of two rounds of Sun Salutation.First stretch the right side of your body then the left side.So when you do 54 sets of Sun Salutation you will complete 54 sets*2 = 108 rounds.
    Sets per day has been mentioned in the chart.

  30. I am very inspired. Am very obese & have Hypo thyroid & back-ache issue!
    I see some hope in sun salutations.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences!

  31. I m inspired by your article.I too do 40 to 50 (25 to 30 sets) of suryanamaskar daily. Is that enough to loose 5 kg of weight…and other benefits if this exercise is amazing

  32. Hello all,

    Happy to inform I am continuing 108 surya namaskar from last around 3 years ! Helping to maintain weight . Overall feel good for health wise !!



  33. Hello all,

    Glad to inform I am still continuing to perform 108 surya namaskar from last around 4 years now!

    Overall very happy with my health and confidence that I get through the exercise.

    Very importantly, I am feeling self-contained during lockdown period, as we can not go gym anymore.



  34. Hi all

    Happy to inform you that I am doing 198 surya namskar on daily basis. Now I have added kapalbhati and anulom vilom to my routine.

    Keep doing surya namskar and be healthy.


    Kedar Kulkarni

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