How To Do Box Jumps And Get Toned


How To Do Box Jumps And Get Toned

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Ever heard of box jumps? Box jumps are a kind of exercises that that are really efficient in getting you gasping for breath pretty fast. Try a hand at box jumps to get toned!

How To Do Box Jumps And Get Toned


Box jumps exercise to lose weight

Let us get going with box jumps!

For this exercise, you will need a box or raised surface.

Box Jumps for weight loss

  • You need to jump on top of the box with both your feet
  • Straighten your legs while you are at the top of the box.
  • Jump back down and spring back up as fast as possible.

Suppose you are not comfortable or have a knee problem, you can simply step down from the box instead of jumping down.

Choosing the right box for you

The height of the box will depend on your level of fitness. It is a good idea for women to start with a box 14-inch to 18-inch high. Men can start with a 20-inch to 24-inch high box.

How many jumps should one do?

You can begin with 3 to 4 sets of ten to twenty box jumps, 4 times a week. They can also be added to your regular HIIT workouts.

Why box jumps are good for you?

1) They tone the calf muscles amazingly

When you jump your strength and muscle tone increases. Your lower and upper body strength increases. This exercise makes you jump high enough to force each and every muscle in your legs to be used in order to get onto the box.

2) They help burn calories and also melt off fat

In one hour your body will burn 800 to 1000 calories if you happen to jump at a fast pace. Just compare this with walking that burns 200 to 300 calories in one hour! This high intensity jumping brings in a change at the cellular level that makes the body burn fat before burning the carbs! Those of you who want to lose weight should definitely try this out!

3) Box jumps help in maintaining coordination and balance in old age

Everybody wants to be active and healthy when they get old. For this to happen you need to increase your balance, coordination and strength right now. Doing box jumps will help you maintain your balance and they will prevent injuries when you grow old. They will also keep your bones healthy and strong for life.

4) You can do this even without equipment

If you don’t want to spend money on buying a box or don’t have boxes in your gym, don’t worry! You can still do this exercise. Yes, box jumps can be done on a high bench (one that every park has), on stairs and on tables. Please ensure that the jumping stations are sturdy enough, you shouldn’t be found on the floor the moment you jump on it 😛

5) You can excel in sports too

Box jumps help in improving your speed, vertical jump and endurance. They also help in increasing your coordination. This way you can excel in any sport be it surfing, skating or basketball. (Don’t tell me that all you play is chess :P!!)

6) Box jumps are fun!

Isn’t it fun to be jumping about like a rabbit? You will find it interesting once you know that you can jump quite high. It will bring out the little kid hidden inside you. And there is nothing more fun than reliving your childhood.

Go ahead! Try box jumps to get toned!

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