How To Eat Healthy On A Road Trip?


How To Eat Healthy On A Road Trip?

Heya Beautiful Readers,

I had shared a glimpse of my solitude and peaceful trip from Bangalore to Coorg. You can read about it here. We went to Coorg by car and our estimate to reach there was about 6 hours and we ended up taking 8 hours to reach .

Unfortunately or may be fortunately, we found only 1 decent stopover Dhaba where we stopped for breakfast. Since the highway was newly built, we could not find any places or rather I should say decent places where we could think about eating anything

Healthy Road Trip snacks

Thankfully I have some amount of brain that keeps working despite me slogging and running around the whole day. Mr. Brain gave me power to think and pack a few items for the journey.

Based on my experience of this road trip, I know a few things that I did great and few that Mr. Brain missed and those could have been dealt in a better way!

Plan your route from source to destination. Keep a buffer of 1-2 hours considering Indian highways are unpredictable. Thanks to Google maps, you can find out what food joints will come on the way. You can plan the food items to be carried accordingly.

Below are certain things that you must always carry –

  • Water – we carried approximately 6-7 litres of water. Our resort had a restriction on bottled water that they would provide. In no way did I wish to have tap water and fall sick. Water can cause more infections than food.
  • Dry fruits – these are best buddies for drives. Rather than munching on chips, munch on nuts!
  • Apple/Banana/Orange – any fruits which are not easily perishable
  • Peanuts/roasted flax seeds/chia seeds – I prefer roasted seeds over peanuts. Since they are filling, you won’t have the urge to stop often and look for food outside.
  • Homemade sandwiches – Any simple sandwich like chutney or simple bread butter can make your journey safer and healthier.
  • Maggi – yes you read it right, I’ll explain why! When we reached Coorg, we were offered snacks n honestly I got a feeling that I would eat them and fall sick. Since dinner was to be served in a few hours and we were hungry and fed up of sandwiches, I asked for maggi which was not available. I gave them the packets I had carried. So if you are doubtful about food, go with known stuff. It’s like deciding which out of the food choices is less vicious and won’t make you fall sick.

Evaluate the meals carefully. Go for simple North Indian meals like roti, mix veg and curd or South Indian meals like idli, dosa etc.  I always look for no nonsense dishes with least chances to go wrong. If you are sure about restaurant, go and eat the best local dishes available. In Coorg, Appam is a delicacy and I totally loved it!

vacation india stress (2)

Do not dehydrate yourself just because you don’t want to stop in order to relieve yourself. Dehydration will make you suffer. Instead of having packaged fruit juices and cold drinks, drink water during your journey.



These were a few tips to eat healthy on a road trip. Do share if you have more!

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