How To Eat Healthy When Your Schedule Is Messed Up?


How To Eat Healthy When Your Schedule Is Messed Up?

Hola People,

I am in Chennai, for a 4 days business trip. I am occupied from 10am – 8pm each day. I took an early morning flight to Chennai and will take a late night flight back to Bangalore. This means my sleep, workout and food – everything has gone for a toss, grhhh(&*(&(&
Travel and health
Most of you would agree that despite Chennai being a Metro city, it’s not very cosmopolitan yet. I knew that I might need to compromise a bit on my carb intake here. I have already eaten idlis early morning and a veg sandwich by now 🙁
I researched menus of all near by restaurants using Zomato and figured that my dinner all these days is going to be messed up. Almost all the restaurants serve authentic South Indian food, which I am surely having for lunch! I am sure the South Indian food served here would be very different from what we get in Bangalore.
What about the dinner. So I have decided to walk 3 kms down to my hotel, that should take care of my carby lunch 😛 . I would search for supermarkets where I could get some buttermilk and fruits. Life can be so tough some days 😛 . I am already craving for a good Mexican salad.
So here are few of the tips to eat healthy, when your schedule is messed up –

What to do for breakfast?

idli protein breakfast

I did a blunder by not carrying much except 2 apples and a marie biscuit just in case I am starving. I am planning to pick up muesli and small milk packets from supermarket. You can easily get 250 ml packaged milk packets in Bangalore, I am hoping they are available in Chennai too. If I don’t do so, I will have no option but to eat idli, vadaa, dosa, uttapam for breakfast. If I do so, it would be pretty embarrassing to yawn every now and then during meetings lol.  If you can suggest a better breakfast option, pour your ideas in!

What to do for lunch?

Eat local food, for lunch. Honestly, when you visit a new place, experience the local food even if its not your type. It is a different experience altogether I would say. Eating local food also would ensure that you are eating freshly prepared food. I would never dare to eat Chinese in a South Indian restaurant even if the menu says ” multi – cuisine ” !

What to do for dinner?

fruits for detoxification

Look for food items that have a shelf life of 2-3 days. I do have a small fridge in my room but sometimes that may not happen. Apple, orange, buttermilk, papaya – all these can stay well for 2-3 days. So you won’t need to go on food hunting everyday. I am planning to do the same for dinner. Not at all in a mood to wander around every night!

What to do for snacking?

I am buying buttermilk packets. Amul tetra-packs are now my savior. I have access to office cafeteria too. I hope I will get a fruit platter for sure.
If you have better ideas to eat healthy, be my savior and drop them in the comment box below 🙂

What would you do when your food schedule is all messed up?

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