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Happy-DiwaliHow To Enjoy Diwali

I am sorry dearies but I am going to convert into a devil this Diwali…. This year I have decided to break all taboos and go all gaga over Diwali goodies. For the last three years, I have not celebrated Diwali the way I used to.. (read eating sweets in place of food) 😛 But this year I have decided that no guilt is going to stop me from enjoying my sweets. (I feel like a hungry witch out on a prowl right now.) I know I am going to put on a lot of weight during this one week but still I am taking the plunge…. believe me I have my reasons to do so.

First and foremost I am sick of not celebrating festivals for last so many years just because I am afraid of gaining weight.

Secondly after more than fifteen years I am going to my In-laws place to celebrate Diwali and can’t say no to them when I am offered sweets. 😉

Another main reason is that I am fighting a terrible stall for almost one year now and I finally need to break it. I have tried every thing yet nothing is working. I tried running… and hurt my ankle; so now the only way out left is to eat and let the weight go hay wire and after it goes up then suddenly give a jolt to the body to come under control. Sometimes I really wonder how I am treating my body like a guinea pig… experimenting all kinds of diets on it, but then aren’t we all doing it?? All those who are fighting weight issues…At least  I have not abused it with various toxic weight loss medicines and all…. so eating more or less is not going to harm it. Frankly speaking for fat people it is any way a stressful situation… if you eat you put on weight and develop so many health issues and finally die ; while you don’t eat then also it is sort of emotional death. LOL

Anyhow! I can’t change my weight and health issues which are genetic so just to keep myself emotionally strong I need to binge for a few days. Since I am sharing my feelings with you all so need to share one more thing… some time back I had become food phobic. I was losing weight like hell and realised that a stage came when I stopped losing weight and then I realised that I was not eating well because I was afraid of eating food. This Diwali though I am not facing any such issue yet I need to eat to feel living and kicking. But I am going to follow a strategy for eating which is going to be like this.

Choosing sweets made using natural sweeteners

While buying sweets I am going to be particular about sweets made with natural sweeteners like dates or Anjeer instead of kaju Katli or khoya barfi and besan boondi laddoo etc. So that means I am going to avoid white sugar and go for natural sugars. As we all know that anjeer and dates are rich in calcium (which in any case I need for my rheumatism) and also a good source of fiber (more fiber means lesser carbs.)

anjeer and dates barfi Though it is very difficult to cut down calories (forget about carbs) during Diwali yet, one can always try a way out of all those heavy burping. Eating smart is the only way.

Get ready for Diwali in advance

Okay, I am not going to eat any heavy meals on Choti Diwali as well as Badi Diwali. Right from the morning of the first day of Diwali I am going to eat light. This is how I am going to eat today and tomorrow.


I am going to have a cup of milk with a big apple for breakfast, or may be some papaya. Well you see I can’t cut on carbs so better cut on calories.

Snacks and Tea / Coffee

My snacking will be of course on sweets with friends and family, I am going to visit after so many years on this festival. Tea or coffee can’t be refused, (I don’t intend to as it is I can die for caffeine) 😛  but can always ask for tea or coffee without sugar. If you are as crazy as me then you can take out your stevia tablet from hand bag and add it to your tea or coffee. No colas and soft drinks for me please.


Meals have to be light so I will have dals and vegetables in lunch and dinner. That means no roti, or rice. May be a cup of soup will do. Taking small portions of food as main meals becomes very important as one has to visit friends and relatives the Diwali night. Eating less helps in eating little extra sweets and food items on this day.

In fact I don’t mind skipping dinner if I had too many sweets… as it is who will be interested in consuming dal roti and sabzi if I can have goodies. One day without fiber and nutrition is not going to harm me much.


We as a family don’t believe in burning crackers as its polluting and wastage of money. So when everyone will be burning crackers I will be doing my walk or my favourite Leslie Sansone’s Walk At Home program.

Now this is how I am going to spend today and tomorrow. If you keep few things in mind I am sure you can enjoy Diwali like me. You can watch your calorie intake this Diwali by just staying a bit conscious of what you are eating and when. You can maintain your weight until Diwali and can also workout and shred them after Diwali. So, enjoy and have a good time. Happy Diwali to all the readers from IWB family. Smile and bring light in your life.

Are you ready to enjoy this Diwali?

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