How To Exercise If You Are Busy?


How To Exercise If You Are Busy?

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This post is for those souls who want good results but are too busy to work out! Yes, there are people who feel that they can’t even spare a minute to work out from their busy schedules but at the same time they want sculpted bodies. How is it possible without a regular workout plan?

How to find time to train if you are too busy?

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The truth is that you can always find time unless you work 16 hours a day and 7 days a week (IT people, are you doing it?). Yes, you have family commitments to fulfill but you can take out a bare minimum of 20 minutes, thrice a week and devote that time to training.

Time management is what comes to play here. Finding just 20 minutes 3 times a week is far better than doing nothing. Just imagine working as hard as you can in those 3 twenty minute sessions! You will be able to reap benefits even from the limited workout time.

Have a look at your schedule and you should be able to schedule 3 sessions in a week. If you say you can’t then there is no point in reading ahead 😛 but if you say that you can, here is some good advice for you!

Bare minimum guidelines for the busy bees


  • Choose the stairs and ditch the lift.
  • Park your vehicle at a distance from your work place.
  • Walk a mile 3 days a week.
  • A big no to cheat meals.
  • Drink water in place of soft drinks.
  • Sitting at your desk for long hours? Get up from your desk every hour and walk the stairs along with doing body weight squats or simply walk during lunch break
  • Are you someone who skips breakfast? It is time you started having a protein and a low GI carbohydrate breakfast each morning.
  • Stop eating junk foods from the vending machine. Carry veggies, fruits and nuts to work instead.

If you can do the above successfully here is level 2!

Level 2 workout guidelines for busy bees

Top Exercises To Lose Weight walking

  • Follow the above mentioned guidelines and hit the gym to do resistance training. Do exercises that work all major muscle groups. Learn the right exercise techniques. Muscles are what give your body a shape, so begin building it now. You need to do it 2 times a week.
  • Shift from plain walking to brisk walking or jogging.

Level 3 workout guidelines for busy bees

skinny people exercise weight lift

  • It is time to turn up your burner even more. You need to do structured resistance training. Take minimum rest between exercises. This will increase calorie burning. Do this thrice a week and by now you would be called a dedicated exerciser.
  • If you are still walking and jogging, it is time to walk and jog faster and a longer distance.

Reaching level 3 is a great achievement at least for someone who wasn’t ready to work out in the first place. Now you are active and have made dietary changes. You are soon to witness great results. Though there are levels above this, let us stop with this 😉

Hope this post has been useful!

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