How To Exercise With Low Blood Pressure?


How To Exercise With Low Blood Pressure

Exercise and low blood pressure

When I was at the highest end of my weight I had health issues related to High Blood Pressure and that’s why I had always been talking about how to handle weight and take care of High Blood Pressure. Some time back a friend of mine asked me about a few exercises to lose weight and as a self-proclaimed one of the greatest fans of Leslie Sansone I advised my friend to go for Walk At Home Program. But after a day or two she came back to tell me that her Low Blood Pressure is troubling her during walking and exercising. This made me think about the people with Low Blood Pressure who want to lose weight and do exercise.

How does Low Blood Pressure occur?

Low blood pressure occurs when the upper number of a blood pressure reading drops below 90mmHg.

If someone has low blood pressure, there are some symptoms to be taken care of. There are some precautions which are needed before exercising.


  1. A brief sensation of feeling dizzy when standing up too quickly.

  2. Sweating, slow thinking or ‘brain fog’.

  3. Visual blurring

  4. Nausea and feeling light-headed or even fainting.


All these symptoms can be caused by a number of reasons like

  1. Standing for a long period of time,

  2. Being dehydrated or overheated

  3. Exercise.

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Why blood pressure drops during exercise?

In a normal person when one gets up or stands up and the blood pools in the lower limbs, the autonomic nervous system sends messages to the heart to beat faster and blood vessels to constrict. But in an individual with low blood pressure this doesn’t happen. That is the reason for the problems mentioned above.

When we exercise the muscles need more blood and oxygen and this increased need lowers blood pressure even more, as a result  blood flow decreases to the brain.

People who have low blood pressure, exercise is one thing that can trigger the drop in blood pressure. But that is no reason to stop exercising. In fact like any other person, it’s important for those with low blood pressure to keep physically fit. Exercise helps circulate blood all around the body.

How to exercise to stay comfortable?

Experts say that those who suffer from Low Blood Pressure must have strong calf muscles, as it can help blood flow back to their heart. And if you feel that since you have low BP and lower levels of energy, you cannot walk or exercise, you are wrong as lack of exercise can make symptoms worse.

It is observed that when there is a sudden change in posture, the low BP symptoms get triggered. So it is important to avoid exercise positions in which the head is lifted suddenly. Do not go for any jerky motions.

While doing Yoga person having Low BP must avoid:

  • Moving from seated poses into standing poses

  • From supine poses to seated poses

  • Rising up from front-bending poses.

  • Getting up suddenly from a sitting, lying or squatting position.

This is what they should do:

  • People with low blood pressure should indulge in Yoga poses that involve twisting.

  • They should go for aerobic and resistance exercises like Swimming, Rowing.

  • Lower limb resistance training, Light weight-lifting, Walking, Jogging, Cycling and Pilates are good exercises choices.

low bp exercise

Those with Low Blood Pressure problems should not attempt vigorous exercises as they can make symptoms worse. It is better and important to start exercising slowly and before the end of the routine slow down gradually before ending the routine.

Hope you liked all this information about Exercise and low blood pressure.

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