How To Follow Atkins Diet and Lose Weight


How To Follow Atkins Diet and Lose Weight

I feel obesity is like your sinful karmas and you have to repay in this life only. Some wisdom haah!   At 98 kg weight I was thinking about liposuction or consulting some professional who could help me get rid of my fat but the money involved was bit too much. Moreover this fat was the result of my bad karmas and I had to clean it up myself. As they say where there is a will there is a way, while surfing the net something caught my fancy, it was Atkins Diet.

Atkins Diet Plan is supposed to be a very low carbohydrate diet based on the scientific fact that if you don’t provide carbs to your body to burn as fuel, it starts burning body fat and that is how you lose weight. Well that sounded logical and easy to do.

How To Follow Atkins Diet and Lose Weight


How To Follow Atkins Diet and Lose Weight

This pyramid explains the diet easily. So began my real weight loss journey. How To Follow Atkins Diet and Lose Weight, let us see.

My Daily Routine – Atkins Diet

5.30 am           Wake up and go for 1 hour walk.

6.30 – 7am      A tsp of roasted methi powder with 2 glasses of water. (good for joint pains and hunger supresser)

7.30 am           A big mugful of black tea without sugar with a tbsp milk cream (malai) and four almonds.

9-10.30am       5 mile Walk at home (Leslie Sansone)

11.30 am         2 boiled eggs with a big mug of black coffee with 1 tablet stevias.

1-2 pm             A big salad plate (blanched cabbage, capsicum, spinach) with 200gm grilled fish fillets. Two almonds.

5 pm                Black tea with cream and 20 gms peanuts/ walnuts.

8.30 pm           Cabbage, capsicum, ginger, spinach, green chillies, coriander cooked with one/two eggs. Two almonds. (Almonds were and still are my best sweet tooth pacifiers).

This was my daily routine for one month and I was damn sincere so no dairy or fruits for me. From normal 165 gm carbs daily on a 1200 calories diet I had reduced carbs to 30-40 gms. And yes it did work. In one month I lost 7 kg weight.

Next four months I introduced a small 150 ml cup of milk and 20-30 gms of paneer. Sometimes I had oranges too. By the end of April 2012 I was 25 kg lighter. It was not that I never slipped, yes I did and many times but I ensured that I exercised extra on those days.

Those first few months were stressful but I felt so full of energy and life. My biggest kick was when after four months I went to see my doctor he took some time to recognize me and after checkup reduced all my doses of meds. And sitting there in front of the doctor I realized that I had not used my inhaler even once in the past two months. Reason behind it was that I was exercising regularly and eating healthy. I feel proud to tell that till date I haven’t been consuming any meds but for my regular thyroid ones. (Yes, I have that problem too.)

With the loss of 25 kg came a realization too that contrary to what I had always thought that I HATED exercising, I actually LOVED it. Today I am addicted to exercise of especially my walk at home programs.

Today’s Walk Tip

exercise weight loss

It takes 10000 steps daily to start losing weight. Have you ever counted how many you take???

Stay tuned till I see you again, and remember—

Love Life- Live Life because you only live once.

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  1. Hi – I work in BPO’s with shifts changing every month. Couls someone suggest a diet n workout schedule. I really want to cut down on my fats and reduce my weight

  2. cutting down ur diet to that low a level does harm in the long run.. medical science advices 1-3 kg of weight loss per month as healthy. its great that u cut down so much of weight and i salute ur spirits. take take care mam!! keep working out! (y)

  3. Pooja, I went that low for a limited period and once I got rid of that major chunk of fat ,I was eating better. I tried to eat not less than 1200 calories ,and lost a lot so quick because I was huge (98kg).The heavier you are, you lose more and faster but the test is when you have to maintain that loss. 🙂

  4. Hi have hypothyroid . Am 168cm in height and weigh 60 kg . Can u give me a
    A good diet please . Wanna lose 4 kg . Thanks . I take
    Kaanchar guggul 2 tablets every morning with coconut water
    I do power yoga Pilate go to the gym. Please give me
    A good diet . Thanks

  5. mansha
    I too had been suffering from hypothyroid and at one point it had been my excuse for not able to lose weight. 😛 Going low carb with walking helped me a lot . you too can try that and I am sure if the efforts are sincere you get results.

  6. Hii Kanan,
    Lovely article, i have also lost lots of weight, but have come to a plateau now, so i have decided to follow your atikins diet for next 3 weeks. will update you soon.. :))

  7. Hey Swati, why don’t you share our weight loss story with us ? It will help motivate you and others as well 😉

  8. Shuchi if you stay under 20-25 gm carbs and you have a lot of weight to lose then you can lose 5-7 kgs easily in a week. I was 98 kgs and lost 7 kgs in first week. You can keep changing spices for change in taste n yes brisk walks are a must.

  9. hai swathi and kanan,
    my name is neelima,like u i am overweight i.e 85 kgs.I tried so many but no use,so i want help from u
    mainly in the form of diet and excercise.

  10. Neelims follow my previous posts and you will know how to lose weight. remember its not difficult to lose weight so just be firm to fight yourself and take the plunge.

  11. Hi …saw ur story on indianarmywives website nd got so motivated ….m 88kgs nd keep on blaming it on MH doc who gave me steroids without my knowledge resulting in 25 kg wt gain nd pcos …nd my cure is only wt loss which is truely difficult …ur diet is hard but will try …but there is no mention of roti even ….can u go without it for so many days ..

  12. Hi Vibha, even I was on steroids for some time for my allergies and yes I did gain weight due to that but later when I came out of my denial and accusation mode of being fat and illogical reasons behind it— I realised and accepted my ‘KARMAS’. Roti has no place on a low carb diet but then you are not going to leave it for life— eat fish, chicken, eggs and you don’t miss those grains. Try once but with a firm belief that come what may you have to do it.. Do it I will be cheering along. 🙂

  13. Hi …thx for replying ….if i had seen this diet few yrs bck i would hav started immedietly but now bec i start having acidity nd thou we r non vegetarian i dont know how to make chicken fat free …as being north indians chickenmutton curry etc banana aatha hai ….so i m hesistant that i dont know how much time i will b able to continue with this diet …nd believe me my self esteem is at low ….nd hav somehow accepted the fact that i will nt b able to loose wt …but ur story is huge inspiration nd i will try it out …just need ur help share recipes to prepare salad nd dinner meal u used to hav ..

  14. first of all Vibha on Atkins diet you have to eat extra fat. I am sure you are younger than me and if I can do it u too can — start it— take that first step and you will succeed.

  15. I m also suffering from hypothyroidism
    N want to loose wt
    Can u tell me vegetarian (can eat eggs)
    Version of Atkins diet
    I do regular walk please suggest

  16. Hello kanan. Can you please teach me about vegetarian weight loss diet. Did you follow the same diet for a full month or were there any variations

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