How To Get A Sexy Jaw line?


How To Get A Sexy Jaw line?

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As you age, gravity takes a toll on the muscles of your face and jaw line, making you look droopy. Even your skin loses its elasticity with a reduced production of collagen, which is known to firm up the skin of the face, jaw and neck. Just like other muscles in your body, you can tone the muscles along your jawline with a variety of exercises.

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Chewing muscles

There are four chewing muscles located around your jaw joints and they are responsible for moving the lower jaw. They are capable of applying more than 75 kilos of force to crush an object between your molars. When the chewing muscles along the lower right and left sides of your jaw begin sagging, the jaw line starts diminishing.

You need to perform an isometric exercise for chewing muscles in order to help in defining your jaw line. Place the inside of the right index finger against the inside of the right cheek while resting the back of your finger against the back molars. Similarly position your left index finger on your left side. Grit the teeth and push your chewing muscles against your fingers. Hold the contracted position till the count of 5 and then relax. Perform 5 reps.

The muscle under the chin

The muscle under the chin can get flabby. So, you need to perform an exercise in order to tighten this muscle and sculpt your jawline. Start by placing the tips of your thumbs under your chin. Press your jawbone against your thumbs and use the thumbs to direct the jaw in little circles. At the same time press the tip of the tongue against your mouth’s roof, which will contract the muscles of your chin. Release the thumbs and then repeat the exercise ten times.

Roar just like a lion

Roaring lion pose

If you don’t have much time, just do one facial exercise and that is roaring like a lion to work all the 53 facial muscles. The Simhagarjanasana (Roaring Lion-Face pose) can help in fighting the effects of gravity on your jaw line. You should begin by sitting upright in a chair and put your palms on the thighs. Take a deep breath through your nose an as you exhale, roll your tongue out and draw it towards your chin. Simultaneously roll your eyes upwards. Visualize the exaggerated face of a roaring lion, Hold the pose for 4 to 10 secs and then release & inhale. If you repeat this exercise a few times, it will elevate the levels of nitric oxide in the nasal cavities and help lighten your mood.

Work your neck and jaw muscles

If you want to work your neck and jaw muscles, you need to do exercises that involve swallowing, kissing or puckering your lips. For instance, start by lifting your chin and nodding your head back. At the peak of it, swallow and at the same time push the tip of your tongue against the mouth’s roof. Repeat the exercise wit just one variation, tilting your head to the right and drawing your right ear to the right shoulder. Do the exercise for the third time but while tilting your head to the left. One variation of this exercise is tilting your head back and kissing the ceiling or sky. You need to squeeze your lips together to work your chewing muscles. Do 4 reps of this.

Hope now you know how to get a sexy jawline!

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