How to Get Addicted to Exercise?


How to Get Addicted to Exercise?

There are some people in social groups who stick to their gym time despite busy routines and seem to be obsessed with their workout regime. And, it is highly probable that you will feel jealous of their fit bodies and their time management. However, to get yourself into daily exercise routine is a difficult task. The following lines contain some important ideas on getting yourself to like and enjoy workout time as well as get more serious and involved in it.

The ‘Patience’ Virtue:

According to legends any habit develops over 21 days and it has proved true in several cases. However, in case of workouts you will need more than 21 days and aesthetic changes are visible in around six weeks’ time. The best part is that after the physical changes occur in your body you will get the enthusiasm to continue with the workout. And it is while you are continuing with exercise that you will feel the difference in your body on missing out on workout even for a single day. You will also begin to take advantage of the end results of your successful workout.

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Be the Early Bird:

If you are serious about getting a toned body you should right away start with setting the alarm along with fulfilling all the other requirements for an early morning exercise schedule. It is best to turn on any light switch in your room when the alarm ‘goes off’ as this will help you get up immediately. Also, researchers opine that an exercise routine for the exact time every day produces faster and better results. And, the best time for workout is in the morning as preferred by most people. It helps you get rid of all the sweat right in the morning. Try to avoid the ‘snooze’ button as researchers claim that the extra sleeping minutes tend to get your tired all the more.

How to Get Addicted to Exercise

Make It An Investment:

To get desired results from your workout you will have to consider making a monetary investment in it. You will only want to give that extra push when you know that money is involved. Here, money is the motivation factor and it will make you sweat out your calories. You can either join a paid fitness regime or opt for ‘boutique’ fitness classes and only then will you feel compelled to make a daily visit for the payment you make. Other investments you can indulge in will include exclusive GPS based watch or a pair of branded running shoes.


Look for Treats:

According to experts if you associate something positive with your workout session you will be pulled to doing your exercise on a regular basis. It could anything simple like listening to a particular song playlist during the workout or watching television while on the treadmill, special drinks or food items you take only on workout days. These optimistic activities and experiences help you feel that workout is less of a task and more of a fun and treat-filled activity.

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Having said that, your enthusiasm and focus along with determination will help you reach a fit body with toned shape and nothing can beat the satisfaction of a day that starts with workout! The purpose of using the above ideas is to ease your pain of physical grueling on a daily basis and making you like the process of exercising daily for a shapely and healthy figure.

Will you try and get addicted to exercise?