How To Get Up Early And Go For Workout


How To Get Up Early And Go For Workout

Hello Fitness Lovers,

I am writing after a while here and really wanted to share this with all you fabulous people! Fitness for me is more of a lifestyle for me than a healthy hobby. I constantly try to keep up with my work schedule and personal life.

Lately I have been trying to make a proper schedule of my entire day and also be regular in attending my morning workout routine from 6 a.m to 7:30 a.m. Well, since I am not a morning person, things are little tough for me to adjust accordingly.

I usually get up early in the morning only when I have a trip planned or some important work at home. Other than that, I don’t remember waking up so early! I have the memories of getting up early and snoozing my alarm clock during my school days and not afterwards! 😉

It was when one of my close friends convinced me to wake up early in the morning! Because I was never able to take out time for workout and in the evening I wanted to spend time with my daughter and husband. So all my hopes of having a proper workout regime was getting messed up due to the sheer inability of not waking up early in the morning.

I know there are so many of you who can relate to the same issue and so a little motivation and guidance in the same direction would be surely helpful for all those who simply cannot wake up early in the morning.

Here, I have shared few tips which I followed and which also motivated and helped me in getting back on track with my workout routine!

Set The Alarm-

woman_clock_lose weight

The best way to get up early in the morning is by setting up an early alarm in your phone or an alarm clock on the side table of your bed. Always set the alarm a little earlier than the stipulated time say 15 minutes earlier so that if you can reach the gym or the park on time.

Don’t keep the Snooze Button-

The morning alarm will wake you up easily but if you keep the snooze button then there are chances that you may not get up on time as the snooze button will make you postpone the sleep for 5 minutes without realizing that you are getting late for your workout!

Get up & Stretch-

Person doing calf stretch exercise standing.

As soon as the clock rings, get up and start stretching at the same place and thereafter as you wake up fully. The stretching will make your body a little refreshed with the increased blood circulation in the whole body.

Take a brief walk in the house-

morning walk

As you get up in the morning, walk up to the balcony and see around. If you have greenery around then it will be really great but if you don’t then also a fresh morning will definitely motivate you!

Drink Water-

woman-drinking-water dehydration causes

Always make a habit to drink about 2-3 glasses of water. This will replenish the hydration requirements of the body after the long hours of sleep. This habit will also stretch you to make a visit to the loo and relieve yourself to the nature’s call. After I freshen up, I am very much in active mode and look forward to my morning workout routine.
Then after the workout, I follow my basic everyday routine of sending my daughter to school and husband to work. Then I resume my regular blog work and remain busy during the day!In the evening I spend a lot of quality time with my daughter & husband and engage in various activities. I generally have my dinner between 7p.m -8 p.m and as the clock hits 10, I start feeling sleepy.
I have been following this regime strictly since a while and the best thing I have noticed is that I don’t binge at all at night and peacefully got to sleep without any hindrance or sleep deprivation! I only get up in the morning after that!
These tips have certainly helped me a lot in getting regular with my fitness routine and waking up early instills a positiveness in me everyday. Initially, one would find it too difficult but as the habit continues, you will automatically find that your biological system will itself make you wake up early on time.
I hope you find these tips helpful!

Do you you struggle getting up early in the morning?

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