How To Get Your Mind Ready For Weight Loss


How To Get Your Mind Ready For Weight Loss


Losing weight is not just about inches and pounds lost. It is about what you eat, how you move around and there are a lot of emotional aspects to it too.

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Being fat lowers one’s self esteem a lot. People on the heavier side constantly think that others look down upon them. They get sad and depressed. This affects their social life; they tend to stay away from gatherings just because of the fact that their body shape is different. I know a girl who refused to visit the cafeteria or library just because she was on the heavier side.

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How to get motivated? You can’t purchase it off the shelves of a supermarket. Everybody has to face some sort of hurdle when they begin their weight loss journey. Losing even a little bit of weight can be a great motivation to move forward and lose more. It is all in the mind. If you keep repeating in your mind you cannot, you probably cannot but if your mind strongly believes that you can lose weight, you are a winner.

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You have to analyse the situation. However hard it may seem if you have the will you can turn the situation to your favour. You just have to keep trying. Let me give you a day to day life analogy at this juncture. When you want to eat pasta for lunch you boil it in water and when it becomes soft you are ready to devour it. Why didn’t you give up at the first stage when you found the pasta hard and unpalatable? You knew that by treating it with heat and water it will become soft. This means however hard a situation is it will soften when treated the right way.

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Mother Nature also teaches us so many things. Have you noticed the stones under a waterfall? They seem to be dented; it is just harmless water that gathers so much power that when it falls it can disfigure rocks. Never undermine your potential. Weight loss journeys are not that easy but they are not impossible.

Focus all your energies on the goal you want to achieve and you will emerge as the winner. Let me tell you how to go about it.

  • Write down your goal on a piece of paper, it can be- ‘I will wear one dress size smaller than what I am wearing now within 2 months’.
  • Hang it in your bedroom and look at it every day before you sleep at night and the first thing after you get up in the morning.

Even a little loss of weight calls for celebration. This doesn’t mean that you should stop clean eating and indulge in fattening stuff. Celebration need not always be about food. It can be about dancing to the tunes of your favorite music or spending time with a loved one.

  • Repeat positive things in your mind always. A positive mind can give you a positive life.
  • Don’t push yourself too hard. It is good to work towards your goal but it should not be too harsh on you.

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Hope you found this article useful.

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