How To Handle Painful Periods When You Are In Office?


How To Handle Painful Periods When You Are In Office?

First day of periods sounds like a night mare to me. It becomes even worse when I realize that it started when I am in office and have a full day ahead of me. It really scared the sh** out of me. I go through immense pain on the first day accompanied with cramps. Sometimes the pain reaches to a height when I begin to puke and not able to digest even a drop of water, let away the food. Although it happens once in an year or so but it does happen, n I keep it it my mind that it can happen more frequently 🙁 . This happens because of a hormonal imbalance, will discuss this is a separate post.

For now I want to focus on How To Handle Painful Periods When You Are In Office ?

Lifestyle Changes To Ease Irregular Periods

First of all, there are some essentials that I always keep in my bag. These are sanitary napkins(at least 2), one period underwear(or a normal one) and a painkiller strip. I have been using “Meftal Spas” prescribed by a gynecologist for years now. Its not only a pain killer, its meant especially for periods pain. It not only reduces pain, it works on the pukish nauseating sensation. I have been taking this for about 8 years every first day of my periods. Its safe to be consumed empty stomach but I feel its better to have it after a little food or may be tea n 2 biscuits.

Secondly, keep a shawl or a sweater in your cabinet. No mater what temperature, what weather conditions prevail, you will not be able to bear AC when you just begin menstruating. Its normal to feel cold that time. Its important to keep yourself snug and warm.

Do have ginger tea. I usually have some 3-4 cups a day. It does help me a lot to relieve the uneasiness.

During second/third day when your flow is at its peak , double up sanitary pads. You would know the feeling when you get up from your chair after sitting for a long time 😛 . You would never want your clothes to stain. If you are using tampons, you are sorted.

Do eat healthy fats like butter and ghee. They make you feel better and warmer.

Eat well and in small portions. Eating frequently keeps the energy levels up and you would be able to digest your food in a better way.

Chocolate also does help in taming mad hormones. I do not like chocolate at all. The only time I crave is the first day of periods, and I happily have 2-3 pieces. If you are low carbing, do have dark chocolate like Lindt.

Lastly, do pay frequent visits to the loo. You may find it a bit embarrassing to use the rest room every half an hour. But I think its okay since its worth the effort. In 21st century when women are working, men do understand some unstated things :). There is absolutely no need to feel bad. I give very tell tale signs when I am menstruating especially the first day. And people do understand! Sometimes I issue statuary warnings to loved ones also, well most of the times 😉

Yoga for PMS funny

I hope this post helps the ladies a bit. If you have questions, please ask using the comment box below.



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