How To Handle People Who Push Food On You?


How To Handle People Who Push Food On You?

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There are a lot of people who say ‘Just have a little bit’, ‘C’mon try a piece of it’. Staying on a diet plan is pretty hard especially when the holidays are around. People around you, even if they mean good, will push food on you. There goes your nutrition plan!

Don’t worry there are ways to handle people who push food on you.

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1) Change is difficult for everyone, remember that!

Here is a unique strategy. The truth is that you are not the only one dealing with change. You might be scared of people pressurizing you to eat unhealthy food but do you know that those who are pushing the food on you are doing so because they are also scared. Yes, scared of change. They do not want their friend to change as it would mean that they should change too. This logic is enough to give you the power to say ‘No’ to an extra helping of dessert.

2) Role-play scenarios that you expect in the near future.

It is a good idea to plan and act out scenarios that you know are coming. People are bound to ask you why you are on a diet. Someone will offer you a glass of sugar loaded juice. People may ask you to give up your diet just for the day. There can be many such situations and hence you need to plan them out and be prepared about how you are going to face them in your head.

3) Allow people to be hospitable in some other ways

If you are afraid that you may seem ungrateful, plan and do a role-play saying things that make you appear grateful. A lot of food pushing is done when you visit someone. The thing is that people want us to feel comfortable and warm and usually that means food. We at times accept the food because care about the relationship and don’t want to appear ungrateful. So, you need to accept the hospitality in other ways. If you are offered a muffin, decline politely, but at the same time balance it by asking ‘Who made this tasty salad?’ If you are offered a glass of beer, just decline politely but say that you want a glass of plain water. This way you will make your host feel happy and your diet will also not be affected.

4) Learn to respond with values and not outcomes

When people push food towards you saying that, ‘one little piece won’t do any harm’, you can ignore it but if someone gets really pushy, there are some unexpected ways to the turn the conversation around. You can say things like – ‘I am trying to do this for a better me’, ‘I am trying to practice some will power’. This way you will not just be able to shut down the pushy individual but also remind yourself about what your journey is all about.

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