How To Handle Self Esteem Issues Being Overweight

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How To Handle Self Esteem Issues Being Overweight

Happy Weekend Everyone 🙂 ! What plans for weekend ? I am planning to go to parlour tomorrow, need some pampering after a rough week.

I have been writing on FitnessVsWeightLoss for almost an year now 🙂 ! I can’t think about my life without it. At the same time, I am somehow bored of giving gyaan. Trying to write on topics which everyone can relate to and use in his/her personal life. If you want me to write on some specific topic, let me know. I will be glad to oblige. And I am all ears to feedback 🙂

The thought post came in my mind a few minutes back. One of our clients of Weight Loss Program , sent me an email which read –

I know u must be sleeping by now… Just sending a message for you to view tomorrow… As u know I had gone for a walk… While I was walking a certain group of girls started shouting ‘moti, moti’ from their terrace…. I just felt so hurt.. But at the same time I m used to it too… Nd for larger part of my life i didnt go out for walks because of this reason only. Though I didn’t stop walking yet can’t stop thinking abt ‘what is wrong with being moti except health?’ Just sharing with u as I know that u would understand the feeling..

I find it strange that our society is so damn judgmental about weight , that an overweight person is the laughing stock of the community for ever. How can a so called ‘human’ be so inhuman to someone ?

I have promised our client that she will don a svelte figure and we will do whatever it takes her to make sure we get there !

How To Handle Self Esteem Issues Being Overweight

How To Handle Self Esteem Issues Being Overweight

There are 2 ways of not getting hurt. Choose what you like –

1. Ignore

Like out client did, she ignored and kept walking. This is the way most of the people opt ! Even if you choose to ignore, talk to someone and blurt out your feelings. This will help you not to take things to heart for a very long time. Remember, stress is the enemy of weight loss.

2. Face them !

I have done that, n trust me its aaaah so awesome for your confidence. Fat people are judged on their eating habits. People think that they eat a lot which is not true sometimes. One could hardly be eating and still be obese.

On one such occasion while dining with my family friends, one of my uncle’s friend told me few years back, “you must eat less, look at your tyres” . I smiled and replied – ” Do you pay for my food?” . My parents were angry when I shot back at him but I know if I took his crap to heart, I would have given up and stopped working on my weight. It worked great and the guy stopped making remarks henceforth.

On another occasion when one of my batchmates during MBA taunted me on my weight, I told her to mind her jeans 😉 , one day she will come to me and ask for help. The day is still to come, she does not know that hers truly has become a weight loss blogger. I am sure she will open her mouth when we meet, I will click her picture with her open mouth and post it on our Facebook page 😛 .

If I were in our client’s situation, I would have told them on their face to SHUT UP !

Love yourself. There is nothing more important in Life.

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I have done my bit by scribbling some thoughts here.

By the way, a lot of my dear readers are sending me messages that they could not find me on Facebook. Those who wish to be in my personal friend list, I am here :).

Share with us how you handle self esteem issues !

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