How To Improve Indoor Ventilation?


How To Improve Indoor Ventilation?

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How do you feel at home when all the windows and doors are closed? You feel stuffy, right? Proper indoor ventilation is very important. Now, what is ventilation? It is the movement of air in an enclosed/indoor space. Air circulates freely outdoors. Don’t you feel like coming out of your house and breathing in the fresh, outdoor air?

How To Improve Indoor Ventilation fresh-air

The outdoor air also consists of dust, smoke and toxins and most often these undesirable substances get trapped indoors spoiling the quality of indoor air. If our homes are properly ventilated, such toxins will not get trapped inside. Maintaining the indoor air quality is essential as we spend most of our time indoors both at office and at home.

What happens when there is poor ventilation?

When a room is not properly ventilated, malodours and the smell of food will linger. So, whenever you enter you home you will be welcomed by an unpleasant smell. Lack of ventilation can result in the growth of mould on your walls and furniture. Here is what stale air and mould can cause:

  •  Headache
  •  Drowsiness
  •  Lack of concentration
  •  Burning sensation or stinging sensation in eyes
  •  Allergies, asthma and other respiratory ailments
  •  Infections
  •  Chronic illnesses
  •  Spread of diseases

Diseases can easily spread when there is lack of ventilation because even if one person has an infection, it will spread to others in the room.

Sitting inside such poorly ventilated rooms can make you feel uncomfortable and uneasy. The room becomes stuffy because the carbon dioxide level is higher inside the room than outside. In extreme cases it can cause claustrophobia, which is a fear of closed spaces.

How to improve indoor ventilation?

Open the windows– Try to open windows that are in different directions to facilitate cross ventilation. You can also open windows in different sections of the house too. A wind tunnel will be created where air enters from one end and leaves from the other; this is termed as cross ventilation.

Switch on the fan- The fan will help in circulating air inside the room. You would probably know how it feels to sit in a room without a fan! The fan keeps the air of the room in movement and makes you feel comfortable.

Switch off the Air conditioner – At office you are helpless but at home at least you can switch the AC off during the day time. Living constantly in an air conditioned environment is not good for health. Try to give yourself a break from the AC. To know more about the ill effects of air conditioning on health, do read this post!

How Air conditioner is bad for you

Kitchen should be well ventilated­­- Your kitchen should have an opening and at least an exhaust fan. Cooking results in release of various vapours into the air. Also the smell of food can be prevented from spreading in the other rooms at home. Nowadays, most homes have an electric chimney to keep food vapours away. We are quite lucky as cooking today is smokeless; imagine using the old fashioned firewood chulha!! The smoke emitted was pretty taxing on the health of the person cooking.

Have a small fan installed in your bathroom- Bathrooms don’t smell of roses all the time. Bathroom ventilation is very important. You can have an exhaust fan installed so that the malodour leaves through the ventilator. You can also spray a room freshener to make your bathroom smell good.

Ready to make your home properly ventilated!

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