How To Increase Breast Size Naturally At Home?


How To Increase Breast Size Naturally At Home?

She looks at the mirror, gazing at herself. She is a sweet looking girl in her early 20’s. Miss popular though she is often called, looks lost when alone. As usual, she was so excited for shopping with her girlies and now is pissed as she tries her shortlisted cute dresses in the dressing room.

increase breast size at home

Small breasts can hamper any girl’s or woman’s confidence. Although there is no dearth of padded bras or push up bras in the market, nothing beats the grace of a woman with an ample cleavage.

Below are certain ways to increase breasts size naturally at home –

How To Increase Breast Size Naturally At Home

Correct your posture

If your posture is slouchy, your breasts would appear smaller than they actually are. Check out the correct posture of walking. Keep your neck straight and back straight as well. Pull your tummy in while walking. You would notice that such a small difference to your posture does make a great difference to the size of your breasts.

Gain weight if you are lean

When a woman is lean, she is most likely to have small breasts . Breasts are nothing but fatty tissue. Since lean women have less body fat, they have less fatty tissue in the breasts too. Gaining a few kgs of weight will also fill your breasts. Make sure that you work out while you increase your calorie intake otherwise you could gain on the wrong areas as well like tummy and thighs. Spot reduction is a myth; likewise spot gaining is an imaginary concept. Some women gain first on other areas and later on breasts. Hence, workout is mandatory while you try to gain weight. Combining cardio with weight training will yield good results.

Healthy diet

ghee does not nake you fat

Increase healthy fats like ghee, butter, cheese, cream in your diet. Increase lean proteins and complex carbohydrates. Replace bad carbs from junk with good carbs from food cooked and served straight from your kitchen. Reduce your sugar intake. This healthy diet would help a lot to increase your breasts size. A post coming soon on foods to increase breasts size!


A lot of experts recommend massaging the breasts with oils/creams for breasts growth. You could try a cream or an oil, there are many available in the market. Sesame oil is known to be a breasts enhancer. I suggest going for a natural oil is better than using enhancement creams. Massage also helps as a mood buster.

Exercise chest muscles

Building pectoral(chest) muscles is a great way to increase breasts size. There is no other way, but strength training to build chest muscles. Push-ups and chest presses are two easy exercises that any beginner can practice. Cardio for 30 minutes and strength exercises every alternate day can make a great difference to your body. A detailed post on exercises to increase breasts size coming soon!

P.S – This is the first post of the series. Will publish a few posts in the coming days that will help a lot of girls/women. If you have questions/requests, please feel free to comment!



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