How to Log your Diet Plan with Cron-O-meter


Hey People,

I always face difficulty in logging my diet plan in a diary. I always defer it by 5 minutes and those 5 minutes never get over.  Do you also face issues logging your diet in case you have decided to lose weight ?  So, I bring you a simple tool called Cron-O-meter to track not only your calories and exercise, but your overall nutrition. And yes, it is free :P.

I am going to take help of pictures and show exactly how to maintain a daily diet plan.

Step 1- Register at and create your account. Enter your details and set your targets .Your target can be to lose , maintain or gain weight. Although, I have hardly seen girls who want to gain weight 😛


 Step 2- You will see four screens as the piccy below shows.


Step 3-  Your daily nutrition required is already calculated based on your height, weight , age , gender and targets. You will see the screen like the below pic. Since , you have not logged any food, nutritional targets achieved are 0%.


Step 4- Start logging in your food. Click on “Add Food”. Search the food and add the servings you have consumed.


Step 5 – Click on “Add excercise to diary”. Please don’t think that workout happens only in the gymn. Walking is also an excercise and we burn calories by walking. For beautiful mommies, running after their kids is the best excercise 😛


Step 6 – Similarly, log all your meals and exercises. You will see what percentage of nutritional targets you have achieved. Accordingly, you can make changes to your diet to be followed on next day.


This tool also shows you minerals and vitamins you have had, not only calories, proteins, carbs and fat.


That’s it. It is so simple. Cron-O-meter has a huge database, so you will find all food items here except Indian recipes. You can add your own recipes and manually enter how much and what nutrition your dish contains. Next time , when you enter the same recipe, the tool will enter nutritional information by itself.

After a week of tracking your daily diet, you will be able to see trends of your diet. When you shed a kg, don’t forget to set your current weight in your profile to reset your targets.

Happy Logging 🙂 .

Do you know of a calorie counter which has a database of Indian foods too ? Let us know how you log your diet plan. Please drop in your inputs as comments !

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