How To Lose Body Fat For Good?


How To Lose Body Fat For Good?

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Bid good bye to body fat by following a few tips. Though you need to do cardio and strength training but let us step away from the gym and present a list that has just lifestyle changes and a few changes in eating habits.

1) Drink water

Urinary Tract Infection water

Water is the most common medium in which cellular activities occur and some of the activities include the transportation and burning of fat. Also, if you drink plenty of water, you will feel full longer and will at less. And remember water is calorie free! So, remember to drink those 8 glasses of water in a day!

2) Consume lesser calories than burnt by you

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That is the funda of burning fat! You can lose weight only when your calorie intake is lesser than your calorie expenditure. Find out how many calories you need to carry out your basic tasks, the number of calories you are consuming and the number of calories you burn at the gym. Consume less and spend more! That is it! For this you need to do lots of physical activity.

3) Have a hearty breakfast


You starve all night, so the first meal of the day should be solid. That is pure common sense. Skipping breakfast is a really bad idea as it has a negative impact on your entire day’s performance. Have some complex carbs, lots of protein and a fruit to kick start the day!

4) Say no to sugar

sugar kills us

When consume lots of added sugar, it gets stored as fat in the body. Though you should give in to your sweet cravings once in a while but on most times try to limit your intake of sugar. You may replace sugary beverages with natural stuff like tender coconut water and fresh juices without added sugar.

5) Don’t reduce calories drastically

low calorie diet food on plate

Cutting down on calories drastically is really bad idea. It is not the right way to diet. You will land up completely depleted and down. Low calories diets never work! Instead try to reduce the number of calories a bit. Go steady and win the fat loss race!

6) Have five to six meals a day

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People who decrease their number of meals are under a wrong impression that it will help them lose weight. Skipping meals is a big no-no. Instead of 3 meals if you have 6 meals a day you lose more fat as you will burn more fat. Make sure that the six meals have the same calories as your 3 meals do. The point is just to distribute the number of calories.

7) Increase your consumption of veggies

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Vegetables are rich in nutrients and have minimal calories in them. You should consume 5 servings of veggies in a day. You can have it as a salad, in your sandwich, along with your roti. So, make it a point to include veggies in your diet.

8) Add fibre to your diet


You need to consume 25 to 25 g of fibre in a day. Fibre is known to lower insulin levels and this helps in weight loss. Fibre absorbs water and occupies more space in your stomach. Fibre rich food keeps hunger pangs at bay. Have cereal, oats and beans everyday for your fibre needs.

9) Say bye-bye to junk food

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Junk food is so enticing that it literally draws you towards it. French fries, sweets and candies all fall in the category of junk foods. They just offer you empty calories. Cheat foods like pizza can be taken once in a while after all you can’t leave everything that is your favourite all of a sudden! Pizzas can be made healthy by adding more healthy veggies as toppings. If you are a low carber, you can enjoy this low carb pizza. Click here!

Hope you will be able to say good bye to body fat!

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