How To Lose Weight Every Hour


How To Lose Weight Every Hour

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Weight loss is not about one big thing; it is about a million of little things. Sounds preachy, right? Losing weight should be looked upon as a burden. Instead face it as a fun challenge! Is it possible to lose weight every hour? Yes, you can get closer to your weight loss goal by utilizing every hour of your day!

How To Lose Weight Every Hour

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Here is how it goes!!

6 a.m– Good morning! It is time to wake up! The first thing you should do is to drink a glass of water. Freshen up and have a mini snack that has carbs and a little protein in it. A banana and a few almonds would be sufficient to kick start your metabolism. Next, go for a workout. People who exercise in the morning, work out longer and with more intensity. Also, it helps you burn more calories during the day as your metabolism is lit up.

7 a.m– Have you shower and try doing some stretches. Now it is breakfast time! The most important meal of your day! Your breakfast should be filling and have at least 10 gms each of protein and fibre. Consume healthy carbs as you have the whole day to burn off the calories you get from them.

8 a.m– Prepare your lunch and pack it later for work. Carry your water bottle along.

9 a.m– As soon as you reach your workplace, keep your water bottle on your desk. Keep drinking water as it will help you stay hydrated and you won’t have hunger pangs.

10 a.m– Take a snack break. The snack should have some fibre that fills the stomach. Always have snacks under 150 calories.

11 a.m– Use your fitness app on your mobile and record your calorie intake and exercise done.

12 p.m– Do some stretches on your office seat. It would hardly take a few minutes.

Simple Stretches at work

1 p.m– Enjoy a healthy lunch that has fibre, fresh veggies, whole grains, low fat protein. Have fruit for dessert.

2 p.m– Have a meeting with a client? Have it outdoors. It would be better to walk and talk. This way you can think more clearly and at the same time burn calories.

3 p.m– It is snack time again! You can enjoy a 150 calorie snack so that your energy levels remain high till dinner. Even better eat a 150 calorie dessert. Indulging in something sweet can prevent you from overeating later in the evening.

4 p.m– Have your cup of green tea. It is known to increase your body’s metabolism and it will suppress your appetite.

5 p.m– It is time to go home 🙂  Always park your car a little away from your work place, so you walk a bit for it. Walking will help in burning extra calories and also reduce work –related stress.

6 p.m– Reach home and have a light snack if you are hungry. Keep it low in calories.

7 p.m– Do meditation or yoga or spend time with your family. After all they are the backbone of your success in life in all the spheres.

8 p.m– Prepare a low calorie dinner with whole grains, low-fat protein and vegetables. Here you must ensure that you control portions. Resist your urge to go in for seconds.

9 p.m– Brush your teeth; this will prevent you from eating late night snacks. Prepare yourself for the next day.

10 p.m– Slip into your pyjamas and hit the bed! Sleeping well is an essential part of weight loss. Sweet dreams 🙂

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