How To Lose Weight In One Week?


How To Lose Weight In One Week

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Friend’s wedding next week?? Office party?? Want to look fabulous and svelte at the do? Well you can safely lose some weight in a week’s time. You need to put in some extra effort from Sunday to Saturday and you will discover a slimmer you! Let me tell you how to go about it.


Sunday: Plan your meals for the week ahead

Yes, it would be better if you plan what you are going to eat during the week ahead. Planning your meals for the week can help you ensure that you are within your calorie budget. Sunday being a holiday is a great time to chalk your plan out and get prepared. Begin with the list of basic foods you would eat each day and then add little twists wherever needed. It would be a good idea to make your grocery list along side.

Do some cooking for the busy week ahead. Pre-cooked food can be kept in the fridge and used while fixing lunch or dinner throughout the week.

Monday: Utilize your time wisely

Alright you are busy during weekdays. But have you ever thought what all keeps you busy. Are you spending your time properly? There are certain activities that can altogether be avoided, like watching TV. Switch off the TV ( sorry you will miss your favourite show!) and you will be happy to find that you have some time at hand. Here is a list of things you should carry out to make proper use of time.

  • Combine your tasks. You can pack your office bag and review files while your inner is getting prepared.
  • Delegate activities. Ask your partner or your family members to help you out with chores so that you have time to exercise a bit.
  • Make a to-do list that sounds realistic. Do the essential things first and the less important things can be delegated to other people of your family.
  • Simplify activities. For instance, while shopping at the supermarket, stick on to your list or else you will waste time wandering here and there.

Tuesday: Try following an eating schedule

In order to lose weight people tend to skip meals. Everybody has tried that trick but let me tell you that it doesn’t work. The body needs a constant supply of nutrients to function properly. If you leave big gaps in your eating schedule you will invite unnecessary trouble like headache, lack of energy, too much hunger and overeating. It is advisable not to keep a gap of more than 4 hours between meals. Keep healthy snacks with you in your purse in case of emergencies. And the other thing is not to shop at the supermarket when you are starving. You will tend to go in for processed junk food.

Wednesday: Eat either in the kitchen or dining room

eating at dining table

People have this habit of eating any where they like in the house. You should be eating food where you are supposed to eat. You don’t have a shower wherever you like, right? You have fixed a place called the ‘bathroom’ for it. So, why do you eat wherever you like. The main purpose of eating only in the kitchen or dining room is that being in a some room of the house may trigger your hunger even if you are not hungry. Like while watching a movie at the theatre you feel like eating popcorn regardless of your hunger. This is because your mind has linked food with places.

Thursday: Do not to anything else while eating

You are a multi-tasker? Good! But leave this smart quality of yours on the office table! It is not a good idea to do other things while eating. This is because you will not know when to stop and how much you have eaten. Eating needs to be done mindfully if you want to extract the maximum benefits out of the food and lose weight.

Friday: Get support

Losing weight requires support from family and friends. It is not a battle that can be fought alone. At times they do not know how to be of help. Just tell them to come along with you for a walk or offer you smaller portions of high calorie stuff.

Saturday: Control your thoughts

Just by watching a TV commercial you can get lured to eating that processed junk food. It is time to control your temptations. The best way out is to distract yourself when you get such thoughts. The ways out are starting to knit or if don’t know how to knit start painting your nails.

Including these tips in your life can help you lose weight. You can start seeing the difference pretty soon.

Ready to lose weight?

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