How To Lose Weight Using Public Transport


How To Lose Weight Using Public Transport

It comes as no surprise to me that most of us are living in our cars and with our bikes – no wonder my neighbour says her husband has an extra-marital affair, with his car being his ‘first wife and she the mistress’.

Jokes apart, studies from the esteemed University of Pennsylvania, RAND corporation and Drexel University, have spoken volumes about how one can actually lose weight while commuting using ‘public transport’ – yes, you read that right.

Public tranport travel and weight loss

A citation which is justified

“The built environment can constrain or facilitate physical activity. Understanding ways to encourage greater use of local environments for physical activity offers some hope for reducing the growth in the prevalence of obesity,” Dr. John MacDonald, lead author of the study, explained to The Telegraph.

So what this means is that when you switch from thinking of using your car to using your feet, as and where possible, you would motivate yourself and lose all that weight too. If you are in a city or town where using public transport options, such as the buses and the rails are easy, this would work in your favour. Maybe a dress size down or more, give yourself six months and watch how it works.

While I did a little more research; I planned to work this out in my favour. Remember my post on how I lost weight, I may have forgotten to mention there, how much I walk. Thankfully, in Kolkata we have the walking culture as a part of our lives, and Kolkata people can walk. But, if you indulge in at least 30 minutes of brisk walking per day, it would help you tone the legs and keep you trim as well. Instead of taking the bike or the car/taxi etc to the next destination; if possible and keeping in mind the climate, why not walk? This would be a lovely thing to do, and you get to shed off the weight and burn calories as well.

I even read some notes on using public transport to lose weight by the folks back at the well-known University College London, and this is what I found;

A research was done which showed;

  • A record of people with unstable BMIs as a sample, and how they would commute for their daily needs.
  • People who used public transport or walked to work / some even biked too, recorded low body-fat ratios than those who took their cars or taxis.

cycling for fitness

Now let’s stop there, and let us come back to the Indian scenario – crowded buses and trains, the underground transit railway hanging up on us and more – yes, I know this is a challenge.

So here is the deal;

  • Walk/ bike to the nearest station to catch your train
  • Walk/ bike to the nearest bus bay to catch your bus
  • Stand as much as you can while commuting, standing helps lose weight
  • If you have a large office campus and would need to tow around in a car, opt for a bike instead
  • Instead of using the elevators at the underground railway stations or the transit metro railway lines, use the stairs

When you make the body work and walk, bike and jog, and sometimes push through crowds, believe me you would be burning calories, and that is how I stay fit. Yes, please ensure you carry deos and perfumes, we aren’t all lucky to be jostled and huddled against armpits that smell heavenly in a local train or bus!

So are you going to lose weight using public transport?

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