How To Lose Weight While Being At Home


Losing Weight While Staying At Home!

Hello Everyone,

So the new year is almost a one month old affair now and if you still haven’t started working on the big resolution of losing weight this year, then it is high time you start taking baby steps towards it as it is not like one day you will be highly motivated to start going to the gym or all of a sudden fix your workout schedule!

workout without results 1

No! that is not going to happen and it will only be pushed to yet another week, month and so on!

mashup workout

Well, being a mother to a toddler it is certainly not possible to go out without thinking in a moment’s lapse and I need to prepare in advance in case I have to go our for running or go to the gym every morning! Well, yes child and family responsibilities do come in your way but you should not let it become an excuse rather prepare yourself accordingly and in advance so that you can tackle the rush and also take out time for your workout!

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Talking about those who cannot leave the house for obvious reasons, like gym or a jogging park too far away from home or have so many things to attend to at home that the thought of leaving home for 1-2 hours is also not possible! There is a solution to that as well as you can indulge at home and engage yourself in some activities or simple workouts which which help you in losing weight!

So lets have a look at few things which one can practice at home and keep the physical activities going and make efforts for weight loss with a consistent effort each day!

Have Weight Loss Equipments-


If you can afford, it is better to have a treadmill installed at home. If you are not so fond of equipments then weights are another ideal options. You can buy weights (dumbbells) and include them in your workout routine at home. A yoga mat is also an essential item if you are fond of Yoga, then doing Surya namaskars alone can be so beneficial to your overall weight loss target!

Dumbbell Workouts-

IWB workout plan

The easiest and the most effective weight loss workouts are surely the ones which use weights! Look for a few simple weight loss workouts using dumbbells on youtube and you can do them in your living area whenever you have time to do a heart pumping exercise!



If you have a house with enough garden area  space you can ideally walk multiple rounds of fast walks as the first thing in the morning!

Climbing Stairs-

Women running on stairs
Women running on stairs

In case you don’t have ground floor house and live in a multi-storey building then it would be great if you use stairs for your day to day activities as it is yet another way to ensure that your body is physically active even when you are not working out at home!


Superman Fitness for women 6 best workouts

Probably the best way to lose weight and a balanced way to achieve a healthy body and mind is Yoga and it can be easily done at your home at a place where you can relax and practice some of the most effective weight-loss aasans!

Well, I am sure no body would not like the idea of not going anywhere and losing weight just be making some efforts to stay fit but yes at home you need to get a lot of motivation and will power to leave the bed and move your body for practicing any of these fitness and weight-loss activity!

So, happy home workout all of you!

Have you tried Home Workouts?

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