Leading A Healthy Life- How To Maintain Good Health?

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Leading A Healthy Life- How To Maintain Good Health?

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Good health is the most precious thing in this world. Do you agree? Money can’t buy everything, it can’t buy good health. You have to work towards it. When you are young you may not value the good health you possess but as you age, maintenance of good health turns into a priority.

Medical science has advanced and that means we can live longer. But everything cannot be left on medical science. You too have to do something for your health! Here goes what you should be doing for the upkeep of your health:

Good quality of sleep

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Adults need about 7 to 8 hours of sleep but there are a few who need just 6 hours and another gang who need 9 hours (you have exceptions everywhere!). More than the number of hours, the time you go to bed is critical. Every hour of sleep prior to midnight is two times better than each hour past midnight. So, sleeping from 10 pm to 6 pm is completely different from sleeping between 12 am to 8 am.

Drink lots of clean water

Hot water diet for weight loss

Like it is always said, keep yourself well hydrated. Water is essential for the functioning of each every organ of the body. Lack of water will slow down your system. Try to have more than 10 glasses of water a day or more if you plan to stay outdoors in the heat or drink beverages containing caffeine.

Be physically active

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When you engage yourself in some sort of physical activity that gets your heart pumping, you are doing a favour for your health. Cardio and strength training is essential in maintaining good health as it keeps the body fit, strong and flexible. Do at least 30 minutes of exercise every day.

Consume fruits and veggies

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Try your best to add fruits and veggies to every meal you have. Be creative 😉 as they are packed with nutrition. They are full of fibre and low in calories. Make sure to eat leafy greens for heart health, energy and the health of the digestive system.

Consume the right amount of protein

Excess of protein-how much we really need

You need to consume sufficient protein on a daily basis. The source : animal or non-animal is up to you. An active adult needs about 45 to 60 g of protein in a day. However, it varies with levels of activity and age. For instance, one egg has 16 g of protein and ½ a cup of beans has 7 g of protein in it. So, with this you can figure out how much you need to eat to get sufficient protein.

Maintain healthy relationships

ways to ward off winter laziness- friends chatting

Having healthy relationships in your life can improve its quality in a big way. Friends, family and loved ones matter a lot. If you feel loved, encouraged, supported then your relationship is healthy. On the other hand, if you feel emotionally drained, beaten down or exhausted then your relations are nothing but a burden upon you.

Have an aim in life

motivation find yours

You should have something to live for, something for which you are on this planet. Search for that purpose that makes you feel alive and active. It could be anything like a career, volunteering work, spirituality, almost anything!

Get your health checkup done

hypertension and health

Visit the doctor and get your regular health checkups done. Talk to the doctor about the problems you are facing and get his opinion. If there is a health problem early diagnosis can save a lot of trouble!

Learn to forgive

forgiveness Leading A Healthy Life- How To Maintain Good Health

Being able to forgive people is good not only for others but for you also. The fastest way of getting unhealthy is to allow drowning yourself in sadness, anger and despair. You are human, mistakes happen by you or by others. You should be strong enough to let go!

Have fun!


Never cease to have fun! Keep the quota of fun overflowing, always. Use it to reduce your stress and create memories that are unforgettable.

Take care!



Hope now you know how to maintain good health!

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