How To Make A Perfect LCHF Egg Breakfast?


How To Make A Perfect LCHF Egg Breakfast

Eggs are my favourite and I can eat eggs day and night, hot, cold, solid, liquid. boiled, fried, in omelettes, in curries, so to say in any form. When I went on a maintenance diet for keeping my ‘Happy Weight’ 😛  in check, I had to eat a lot many eggs. So I was thinking of making boiled eggs healthy as well as interesting. I am very fond of cheese and sprouts too so wanted to incorporate them into my meals.  Take a look at this pic.

interesting boiled egg breakfast

These were my Ingredients

  • Two Boiled Eggs
  • Two cheese slices
  • 20 gm mung sprouts
  • Mayonnaise 10 gm
  • Spinach chutney (optional)


  • Slice boiled eggs in two parts lengthwise
  • Scoop out the yolk in a bowl
  • Make a paste of sprouts and egg yolks
  • Add in salt, mustard powder and pepper
  • Spread cheese slices on a plate and wrap in the boiled egg halves. (See the pic)

interesting boiled egg breakfast 2

  • Place cheese and eggs fold on lettuce leaves.
  • On top of eggs place a spoon full of sprouts and yolk mixture.
  • Finally place a bit of spinach chutney on top.
  • And you are ready for a great Low Carb, High Protein, High Fat Breakfast, worthy of 338 Calories.

interesting boiled egg breakfast 4

How about a cup of black coffee with this breakfast?

Nutrition Data:

perfect egg breakfast

Will you give this LCHF Egg Breakfast a try?

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