How To Make Brinjals Interesting For Low Carb Dieters?


How To Make Brinjals Interesting For Low Carb Dieters

Hey !! Finally, I am on a so-called vacation. Vacation… yes since I am out in Punjab again… it’s cold really cold as compared to NCR. Food for all in the family is cooked (Yes!! vacation for me from cooking for all thanks to the maid. 😛 ) But since I am finally serious about my low carb food so I have to cook my own meals… which actually I enjoy. So since there were great looking brinjals (eggplants) lying there in the pantry so thought of including them in an easy yet interesting way. Well, frankly speaking, I love playing around with brinjals. Remember my Low carb Eggplant Spinach Bake which I made some time back and shared the recipe with you all.

Low carb Eggplant Spinach Bake
How to plan a low carb meal around Brijals

When I reached this place where my husband stays I was thinking about how to plan my meal so just looked around and found a few basic things. That made my list of ingredients…


  • Eggs – 2

  • Cheese – 2 slices

  • Brinjals – 1 long

  • Ginger- 1 inch piece grated

  • Salt and pepper

  •              Oil 2 tbsp

Here is my easy Brinjal egg cheesy rolls. (difficult and time-consuming recipes are not my cup of tea)


  • Slice brinjal in thin slices and roast in light oil. Mine became a bit black because of the tawa, as the maid cleaned it so hard that the non-stick coat was history 😛 but later I realised they tasted better than lightly cooked brinjals.

Brinjal egg roll


  • In a bowl, beat two eggs with salt, pepper and grated ginger well to make a fluffy omelette. In another pan cook a thin layer of egg like omelette.

Brinjal egg roll egg

  •  Layer brinjals and cheese slices.

Brinjal egg roll cheese

  • Spread the leftover egg mixture on top.

Brinjal egg roll egg layer

  • Once done, softly roll to make egg roll.

brinjal egg chees roll

  • Here is the close look of the melted cheese oozing out when cut in slices.

brinjal cheesey roll

  • Though tomato ketchup is a bad idea yet a few drops won’t hurt that much. Right??

brinjal egg cheesey roll

This makes a filling meal with some lettuce and cucumbers as salad. And yes I loved these rolls. Though I love brinjals yet I know there are so many people reading this recipe who hate eggplant… here is a special message for them ….Make these Brinjal egg cheesy rolls and you won’t realise that you are eating brinjals.

Talking about making brinjals interesting, ‘Baingan Bhartha’ is another nice way to cook eggplant. But yes if you are eating low carb then better use onions and tomatoes under control as they are little higher on carbs.

And yes, please check one of my old posts of Grilled Eggplant Slices with Cheese And Fish Mash, which I really love to make as it is easy, quick and filling low carb meal.

low carb Fish mash cheese grill 1

If you know any other way to make Brinjals interesting for Low Carb dieters, let us know.

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