How To Make Low Carb Indian Bread/Roti


How To Make Low Carb Indian Bread/Roti

Heyaa Everyone,

Haven’t been able to write since 2 days, busy with helping a few wonderful ladies to lose weight. We have closed entries for IWB Weight Loss Program for this month 🙂 , yayeeeeeee !

Finding Low Carb Indian and vegetarian recipes has been my only goal this week 😛 , call me nuts !

I haven’t tasted wheat, besan, ragi, rice, brown rice for a week, please don’t ask me what I ate, I won’t be able to answer because I don’t know how I managed, lolz ! This weekend I saw my friends eating parantha n I lost it !Aaaargh, I hate them , huh.

So necessity is the mother of all inventions – finally took away the show. This is what I had -Watermelon juice and Low carb roti  ! Slurpppppppppp !!

How To Make Low Carb Indian Bread/Roti

Let me give you details –

How To Make Low Carb Indian Bread/Roti

You will need –

  • Besan
  • Wheat
  • Oat Bran
  • Ragi


  • Take besan , wheat, oat bran and raagi in equal proportions and knead dough. I kept quantity of wheat the lowest 😀 .
  • Now you know what to do 🙂 , self explanatory.

I was hungry so I did 1 more thing ! Shredded cheese and chopped a thin slice of onion. Added salt and red chilli.

Low Carb Indian Roti (2)

Made a stuffed parantha in ghee, yummy 🙂 ! Topped it with a little butter ! Watermelon juice was a much needed relief from Bangalore humidity.

Everyone has a different variation of Low Carb Indian Bread ! Let me know how you make your roti 🙂

P.S – Keeping wheat as 10 grams, nutritional information of this cheesy low carb roti is 181 calories, 21 Net Carbs, 5 Fat, 8 Protein, 8 iron ! Not bad huh 😀 !