How To Make Lower Carb And Healthier Multigrain Roti


How To Make Lower Carb And Healthier Multigrain Roti

There are so many of us who are trying to lose weight but find it very difficult to cut carbs. We cannot survive without eating those chapattis….they fill us up… really. But each chapati or roti is so much full of carbs that if you have two of them in each meal your goal of consuming controlled carbohydrates is never achieved. Although I don’t usually take rotis due to my self-diagnosed gluten allergy, yet at times I feel like having one roti with stuffed Karela or that tasty Baingan ka bhartha, so I tried to cut a handful of carbs from my roti and make it with some added goodness and health.

Here is my lower carb roti sitting confidently with the normal multigrain atta roti. 🙂 Now some of you might not like the darker shade of this roti of mine but once you check on the nutrition count of it, I am sure you are going to eat this only.

multi grain roti

Ingredients for multigrain,lower carb, healthier roti:

I used multigrain atta (ready to use packed one): 40 gm

Besan : 20 gm

Ragi : 25 gm

While making dough with water I realised that I could make five rotis out of it. And here is the nutrition value of one roti.

kanan lower carb roti

So here we have a roti with just 65 calories, 12g carbs, 2g fiber that makes it 10g net carbs. It is low GI too.

Now a look at regular atta roti made with 30 g atta.07-RotiNutrition


Calories 100, carbohydrate 21g, Fiber 2g that makes one roti with 19 net carbs. Since you will not eat one roti in a meal so two rotis will provide you with 38g net carbs…..

multi grain lower carb rotiOn the contrary if you eat two multigrain rotis then it is going to be just 20 net carbs.

Why should you make your own multi grain atta for roti?

I suggest we must make our own multigrain atta at home as it is always cheaper and purer than the market ready one. Read a detailed analysis of Multigrain Atta here.

Since you cannot roll this roti very thin due to lack of gluten in it so it is visibly satisfying for the dieters as when they see a thick roti they psychologically feel fuller. 🙂

Last but not the least you can add whatever grains you want to add in your home made multigrain atta like kuttu atta, psyllium husk (Isabgol for added fiber), jwar, bajra, makki etc.

I love my low carb multi grain roti, what about you?

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