How To Make Wheatgrass Juice Step By Step

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How To Make Wheatgrass Juice Step By Step

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Many studies have shown that wheatgrass can help improve digestion, aid in detoxification of the body, cleanse the liver & purify blood which in turn boosts the production of hemoglobin. Many health food stores offer pre-made wheatgrass juice but fresh wheatgrass juice can’ t replace anything. One can easily make wheat grass juice  without much difficulty.

Grinding the wheatgrass into juice using a mortar and pestle is the most traditional method to prepare wheatgrass juice. It can also be prepared using a blender as it is commonly used in all households. Only thing to be noted is that the chlorophyll content may oxidize due to the movements of the blades, thus making the drink slightly less beneficial.

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Lets know how to prepare wheatgrass juice easily at home.

Ingredients needed for Wheat grass Juice-

  • Enough Wheat grass blades (to prepare about 100g of juice)

  • 2-3 cups of water ( approx. 500- 750- ml water)

  • A lemon

Method of Preparation-

Firstly take the wheatgrass blades and properly wash them under running water.

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After thoroughly washing the wheatgrass, chop them finely.

Now take the chopped wheatgrass into a blender and pour 2-3 cups of water into it. You can change the concentration of the juice by reducing the water proportion. In case are you are not used to the taste of wheatgrass juice, it will be better to substitute the water content by orange juice or coconut juice to make it taste a little better.

Now blend the contents at high speed. Wheatgrass juice needs to be strained by a mesh strainer into a bowl or jar. One can also use a cotton cloth to strain the wheatgrass juice thoroughly.

Squeeze a lemon into the juice and stir it for a while. The desired wheatgrass juice is ready to be served.

This is really easy to make juice and doesn’t involves a lot of peeling or messiness in the kitchen. Given the fact that wheatgrass is so useful health wise that it should be regularly included in your daily diet. Check out the health benefits here.

I am sure you find this step by step extremely easy to do yourself as fresh juice cannot be compared to the packaged ones in respect to the nutritive properties and beneficial effects on the body.

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