How To Make Your Workout Fail-Proof?


How to make your workout fail-proof?

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Excuses and more excuses!! “I didn’t have time”, “I am bored” or “I am not losing weight” is all what is heard by most people when asked about other people’s workouts. People start off well but after a few months into the gym membership, they just quit. So, one should aim at making the workouts fail proof and here is how:

Gauge your current level of fitness

Your urge to get fit and shapey might tempt you to start doing extreme workouts all of a sudden. If you have been doing nothing for years, you will most probably injure yourself. It is plain logic. If you are a beginner, it would be better to build your base strength initially. This would take several weeks. After that you can move onto more complex workouts of higher intensity.

Your goals should be S.M.A.R.T

You should start training with an aim in your mind. You might be aiming at gaining weight, losing weight or increasing stamina. You should be doing what you like when it comes to choosing exercise programs. A good goal can be ’to lose weight’ but a S.M.A.R.T goal is to ‘lose 5 kilos by September 1st, by doing weight training for 2 days a week, running 5 days a week and consuming 2000 calories a day’(just an example). S.M.A.R.T stands for

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relative
  • Time sensitive

So make sure that your goal is S.M.A.R.T as it will keep you on track.

Take your lifestyle into consideration

You got to plan your exercise routines according to your current lifestyle. If you have late might meetings you can plan your workout routine in the mornings. If you are a frequent traveller(not for vacations 😛 but for business purposes) try to have your booking in hotels that have gyms. Even when at office you can utilize your lunch time to go for a walk. Weekends can be kept for weight training.

Keep a track of your exercise history

Know About Pilates Workout 1

By keeping a track of your workout history you will know what kind of exercise worked out for you and what did not. Look at the reasons for quitting a particular exercise. Try doing the exercises that made you have fun. If you like variety, try mixing up different types of exercises like Pilates, yoga and zumba dance. It can be combination of anything you like doing.

Determine the number of sets of exercise you can do.

You need to fix the no of sets and reps of your exercises. It is completely dependent on one’s fitness level. An individual with a sedentary lifestyle should start with one set of each exercise (be it any kind). The number of sets can be can be increased gradually over time to 2 or 4.

Figure out how much weight to lift and when to increase


Determining the amount of weight to be lifted depends on a person’s goals. If you aim at developing muscular strength then you need to use more weight and do less number of reps.

Figure out Rest Periods

Taking rest in between sets is extremely important. Taking rest allows the muscles and energy providing system of the body some time to recover. The recommended rest for weight lifting exercises between sets is sixty to ninety seconds. For endurance training it can be thirty seconds or less. For muscle growth exercises it should be between thirty to ninety seconds.

Have a workout plan when you travel

Keeping some kind of activity as part of your daily plan even when you travel or are on a vacation is a good idea. This will help you feel good. You can shorten the workout time as per the situation.

Measure Your Progress

weighing scale

It is your initial goals that determine how you will measure your progress. If your aim is to lose weight then the weighing scale is the best way to gauge your progress. Even clothing can help you in finding out whether you have lost weight. There are certain apps available that help in tracking your progress.

Now do you know How To Make Your Workout Fail-Proof?

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