Getting Motivation To Run


Motivation To Run

Hello Fitness Lovers,

So, I hope you read about my latest challenge of practicing running to take part in the 20k Running Marathon which is going to be organized in November this  year. Well, to be able to be more compatible to run efficiently I recently visited the Lodi Garden for a change and practice running on the stretches of the park area which is spread over a vast area.

fitness running

I went to this beautiful garden which is located in the heart of Delhi and is visited everyday with over hundreds of people who come for their morning & evening strolls and also to practice various other fitness activities like yoga, meditation, aerobics etc.

lodi garden area

lodhi garden visit

park morning walk

Lodi Garden is spread over a huge land area and there is really ample space for everything there. I was really amazed to see so many people here who visited the place for walking and morning jogging. Also, there was literally shortage of parking area there as the number of fitness enthusiasts out numbered the space allotted for parking.

morning walk

It was really a great feeling to see so many people involving themselves in a lot of fitness activities. The most inspiring fact was that now people are themselves aware of how health & fitness is crucial part of life and they are making efforts to remain in good shape and without any disease.

During my running I noticed that there was a mini gym in the park area which had an open gym setup although it was a little fun bu I really found it interesting & motivating for others.

garden breakfast

low carb diet

I am a self proclaimed fitness freak and that’s the main reason I went ahead to try the open gym. Also because I needed a little change and draw more inspirations by seeing others running which would eventually help me in achieving better results in the Marathon.

After my running was over, I went to The Garden Restaurant to have a healthy breakfast for my starving tummy! 🙂 Had some poached eggs with coffee and they were yummyy.

Well, it was truly grand & the open air sitting made it feel more close to nature & surroundings!

open breakfast area

This was just a small effort to build up an endurance level with my running so as to get good with the running as an essential part of my running challenge. Well, I enjoyed going there and yes seeing so many people strive to achieve a certain fitness level, I am really finding myself in new & elevated spirits. The much needed motivation is really going to help me perform better. Bring it on Guyss! 🙂

If you are into running then do let me know how you motivate yourself to running

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